I think I’m drowning!

Ever had one of those moments of ‘what the hell was I thinking??’ – I did! Yesterday!

Little Miss Water Phobic here found herself sat with her daughters yesterday at the imax at the Bristol Aquarium watching a film on whales and dolphins and there was I in the back row thinking its pretend, its pretend, deep breath, deep breath you’re not really drowning !!

So back to the real world!!!

Am thrilled to say that I have been invited to provide a free to attend talk and mini workshop at the Natural Health Show in Cheltenham on the 23rd – looking forward to that one.

On Saturday 7th August Nicky and I will be hosting another ‘Diva Day’ at The Witches Brew in Bristol. This is a great opportunity to really see what is going on in your life from a different perspective and we have had some amazing results from the women who have attended previously. So much so that we are now providing a workbook for you to take home.

Been before, then come again!! There is always something new to discover, a light bulb moment to be had and of course two hours of wiggles and giggles on the pole.

Our Bristol Diva day is being held on Saturday 7th August from 10am to 2pm and costs just £40 to attend (limited to 6 places). To book please call or text 07948 372 965 or email womeninspired@hotmail.com.

I look forward to meeting you all.

Samantha x

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