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Hello everyone

Today I am asking for your help. We are in the process of doing a spot of research and would appreciate it if you could take a minute or two to click here and complete our online survey, thank you:

Firebird Films are on their way over to me with our footage, can’t wait to see it, so thought I would share a few more behind the scenes pictures I have, I’d like to think they capture our spirit!

Love and blessings
Head Diva

And they Call it Work!

And they call it work!!!

Head Diva Samantha at Diva Shoot 2010

Hello everyone

Have just been given some of the background shots from the film shoot last Wednesday with Firebird Films and thought I would share.

It was such a great day and great fun as always, thank you to all the team and the fab crew that put up with all our cheekiness !

Love and blessings
Head Diva

A week of fun at Diva HQ!

Hello everyone,

Well its been another very hectic but great fun week here at Diva HQ!

On Wednesday we filmed with Firebird Films, wow, those lights are hot and the good old british weather decided to hit 22′ too!! Lots of dancing, laughing, at one point you could not see my floor for underwear, shoes, make up, hair pieces and jewellery but it was such good fun. Exhausting too!  Cannot wait to see the end product.

We also had a photo shoot this week so look out for the new pics coming soon to our website. This included some shots of new items of clothing to our range at Diva Boutique. We are having a great time selling our range of corsets and boudoir clothing at parties and local events.

And then tonight we have the wonderful TV Medium Tracy Higgs coming to do a private audience event, another wonderful female inspiration, so really looking forward to that one.

So wow, all in all another buy but great week here at Diva HQ.

Next Saturday we launch our ‘My Body’ Workshop here in Swindon which is a non dance workshop lasting two hours totally focusing on the relationship we have with our bodies and how to release ourselves from the chains so we can love the body we are in! If you would like to book a place please email, thank you.

Love and blessings
Head Diva!

A private audience event with Tracy Higgs!

A private audience with TV MEDIUM Tracy Higgs!

This will be in the form of a psychic supper style with all just 100 guests who will be seated at tables, nibbles will be available on the tables and drinks available from the bar. TJ will be providing two sets of 45 minutes of messages to members of the audience. Tickets! …The cost per ticket is £20 each. If you would like to purchase tickets please call or text  Samantha on 07948 372 965 asap!


TJ Higgs was born in North London in 1970. She was never fully aware of her Psychic and mediumistic ability until the age of 30 when she first sat in a development circle and was encouraged to develop this natural gift. In the 10 years that TJ has been a working medium, she has shot up in the ranks to become one of the U.K’s top mediums. Her career has seen her appearing on stage with Colin Fry as a part of a joint ‘Best of British Mediumship’ and also appearing on Living TV as one of the Three Mediums featuring Colin Fry and Derek Acorah and recently Colin Fry Live with TJ Higgs. TJ’s work has also taken her to the Zone Reality channel as a part of a trio of Psychics on ‘Psychic Private Eyes’ and also doing a reading for Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall live on Richard and Judy! Following the success of TJ’s first book ‘Living With the Gift’, which was published 2009, TJ’s second book ‘Signs From the Afterlife’ is to be released 5th August 2010, along with her solo tour this is a very exciting time for her ! Tracy has a unique style of mediumship leaving her audience astounded at her accuracy and “on an emotional rollercoaster full of laughter and tears” Tracy is often described as the next Doris Stokes. But her work doesn’t end there! Tracy is also passionate about teaching and runs courses from her centre of excellence for mediumship in Waltham Abbey, Essex and also travels around the country running her fantastic teaching workshops . TJ has also been running her own column in Take a Break’s Fate and Fortune Magazine and has also been working with Spirit and Destiny Magazine on numerous projects.

Sofa or film? ….. Sofa or film?

Ah decisions, decisions…… what to do, do we get a new sofa or do I go ahead with the trailer for Find Your Diva?

Yes………… you guessed it the trailer won! So next week we will be working with a great Swindon based company Firebird Films  to produce our first advert for Find Your Diva.  So the musician is busy writing, scenes are being set and theres lots of activity at Diva HQ. How exciting!

Have a great Wednesday everyone!

Love and blessings

‘The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.’
Eleanor Roosevelt

Press Release 1st September 2010

Press Release
1 September 2010
The Ultimate 6 Steps to Total Mind Body and Spirit Freedom!

Samantha Scott from Swindon has been creating a bit of a stir – she is being hailed as the new female version of Gok Wan! 38 year old Sam leaves behind her a trail of delighted women who have shed pounds – not in weight (although that can happen too!), but in tears of joy! Sam is launching a new series of workshops which are aimed at re energising the Mind, Body and Spirit. A Life changing and Life enhancing 6 steps to total Freedom and open to all women aged 18 or over whatever their size, shape or physical ability. The results of previous workshops have been startling – two of Sam’s former clients are now working for her and more and more female charities and organisations are taking up Sam’s offer to find their inner Diva through unusual but very effective methods! Sam is currently involved in workshops, women’s festivals, performing and modelling. Please see for details. ENDS Sam is very happy to be interviewed and for more information please see: Sam can be contacted at: M: 07948 372965 Email:

Julie Robinson PR Tel: 01446 796471 M: 07703055972