Life Meets You Were You Are

Its been such a busy few weeks, I have been writing away for workshops and working with some woonderful women as they make changes and decisions in life. Such fantastic women coming into their own, its really such an inspiration to see the changes that come when they become stronger and centred in who they are, rather than who they have become!

If you feel like you are in need of some inspiration then please check out our workshops, we always have fun and with the small group setting its always a great opportunity to meet women who are going through similar experiences.

Life really does meet us where we are, its such a powerful statement. Life will always find you exactly where you are and as you are. If you are in a bad place then life will find you there and feed that negativity with negative experiences and the presence of negative people BUT when we say ENOUGH and choose to step into a better place, to let go of the negative aspects we have clung on tightly too simply because we felt it was better to be miserable but in control than to step into unknown scarey territory, wonderful things can happen and life one again meets you were you are, bringing with it positive energy, positive experiences and positive people to encourage you on your path.

Tomorrow (Saturday 23rd October) at 1pm I will be providing a free to attend talk at The Natural health Show I will be talking about why women should dance and the female energy. So please come along , would be lovely to see you all there and its a great event with lots of free talks and workshops as well as great stalls.

Love and blessings
Head Diva

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