Diva Boutique is proud to announce……..

‘Come for coffee’ I said, ‘alright’ she said and an hour later we were signing premises for Diva Boutique!!

A moment of madness, no, a moment of knowing its time to move things forward and start the next chapter in Diva Boutique!

So next week we will losing the bustles for brushes and painting the walls of our new venue and we can’t wait! Exciting times! And so much fun to be had! Diva boutique will officially open its doors on Wednesday 5th January at 7pm but in the meantime, feel free to take a look at  www.diva-boutique.co.uk .

We will be selling a much wider range of dance wear, corsets, lingerie, boudoir, fetish, shoes, jewellery and stockings. We also of course have the lovely Trudy who makes bespoke corsets and corset dresses just for you. Perfect for a special occassion or even a wedding!

We hope to see you all at our opening launch night!

Diva weekend is here!

Well its been another busy week here at Diva HQ with plans being made for a big showcase event in 2011 and tonight we have our very own girlie night being held at Terrys Kitchen in Swindon. In addition to our great range of corsets, lingerie, stockings and boudoir accessories being available we also have invited other businesses to join in the fun so we have crystal jewellery, hats, handbags, silver jewellery, scarves, corset dresses, aloe vera, sex toys and the chance to spoil your hair with a great conditioning treatment. With drinks and nibbles too and no entrance fee its going to be a great couple of girlie hours later and the perfect chance to either xmas shop or simply spoil yourself. So if you fancy joining us at 7pm the postcode is SN2 2QP.

I woul also like to share that tonight we celebrate as co-owner of Diva Boutique has decided to quit the day job and join the Diva team full time. Tiffany is our Stylist and a fab’ member of the team so after the Diva Girlie Night , still in corsets we will be hitting the town to celebrate this important day in Tiff’s life. Watch out Swindon here we come!

On a personal level life has dealt me some hard cards this week, but as always in life, we simply have to play the best hand with the cards that we have. This week has taught me that home is where the heart is, that my friends are my family and that even though it often goes unsaid, the work we do here really does make a difference in womens lives. Life will always be a series of  hills, slopes and turns, tears, laughter and precious moments but it will always serve a purpose, the purpose of you reaching your full potential. Enjoy the journey, do the things you love and love the things you do, thats all life ever really asks of you!

Love and blessings
Head Diva

What would you say?

It’s a typical Monday, which consists of dragging two gorgeous sleepy daughters out of their beds to face the day. The school run is filled with laughs, smiles, singing to the radio, conversations about lunch boxes and what we will be doing after school. No different to the thousands of mothers around the UK at exactly the same time, but this morning my heart felt tugged by my eldest daughter when she asked me what to say, it went something like this:

‘Mummy my friend Erin’s mummy has had cancer lots of times before but this time Erin was crying in the playground on Friday because she doesnt think her mummy will be here still for Christmas, what should I say mummy?’

What should she say? God what a question to ask, let alone ask at 9 years of age. What could anyone ever say? In that moment I realised that my daughter is getting older, becoming more aware of life, death, emotions, pain and sorrow, all the things we try to protect them from.

Words failed me. There are moments in life when actions speak volumes compared to words. When hugs are worth more than words of hope, when laughter has the power to break through the tears, when a simple thank you suddenly makes it all worthwhile, when all we need is to feel that maybe just maybe it will be ok.

There are moments when life seems to take a pause, allowing you to feel every inch of the moment, every milimetre of the experience  and in these moments I suspect we are destined to sense something, to understand something of this world and ourselves.

What would you Say?

Love and blessings

Christmas has begun!

Well, its been another busy few weeks here at Diva HQ and we have been attending lots of events first of all the FitandFab event with Best of Swindon and then for a Christmas Bonanza at Abstract hair – its official Christmas has begun!!!  Diva Boutique and Find Your Diva are hosting their own christmas event on Friday 19th November at Terrys Kitchen, Cheney Manor, Swindon, please feel free to come along and join in the fun!

Our diaries are filling with great events and workshops for the next few months but theres still room for more if you would like us to join you at your event. Simply email womeninspired@hotmail.com.

So here’s a snippet of information that i will share with you, did you know you take up to three inches off your waist by wearing a corset ladies??

Also wanted to share with you a wonderful quote which really says it all regarding attitude, as those of you who read my blog regularly will already know, Diva stands for ‘Divinely Inspired Vivacious Attitude’ because we believe it is your divine right to be the vivacious, passionate, positive woman you came here to be.

‘The longer I live, the more I realize the impact of attitude on life. Attitude to me, is more important than facts. It is more important than past, than education, than money, than circumstances, than failures, than successes, than what other people think or say or do. It is more important than appearance, gifted ability, or skill. It will make or break a company, a church, a home.’
Charles Swindoll

Have a great weekend everyone!

Love and blessings
Find Your Diva