corsets, chocolate and the dreaded ‘c’ word!

It has been one hell of a week,  a great week that has been a lot of fun, a lot to do but all good as we work on the show that has finally been launched. Viva La Diva is taking place here in Swindon at the Steam Museum on Saturday 30th April – a date for your diaries ladies!!

More photoshoots have left the Christmas chocolate tins undisturbed yet again this week , so much chocolate this year!!

The low point of this  week has been that my daughter came home from her first day back at  school telling me that her friends mummy died on Christmas day of cancer. To hear that reality come out of my nine year old’s mouth was heart wrenching not to mention the conversations we are now having as she has learnt that you can get sick and die, being truthful but not fearful about such things is such a balancing act when talking to your children.When your child realises that mummy’s can die, its hard to watch that reality hit!

In that moment I was also reminded how precious and short life is and how important it is  to appreciate the good stuff,  to create moments that will be cherished as memories with loved ones, to share positivity, laughter and love, no one wants to be remembered as a grump and to choose to be happy as we put one foot in front of the other in this lifetime. It reminded me of one of my favourite Les Brown quotes:

‘Don’t die to discover you never lived.’

I am so pleased that we chose a breast cancer charity for the Charity Ball we are hosting in April, it just feels the right thing to be doing. Thank you!

Love and blessings

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