Another great week ahead.

BUT where has the weekend gone?

It has been filled with socialising and celebrating with friends, dancing, re-hydrating from too much champagne – can there ever be too much champagne I ask myself- and a trip to see Gullivers Travellers with my daughters. Jack Black is as fab’ as ever.

The days seem to be flying by with so much activity to fill them. Life is being filled with such great experiences, great people great opportunities and a lot of fun.

This coming week sees another trip to Potters Bar for a shoot, something I love to do. Then there is an endless stream of meetings and admin as Viva la Diva gets firmly off the ground. I cannot express how excited we are about this great event we are hosting, the  Viva la Diva Show 2011, here in sunny Swindon. Karen and Nicky are busy working away providing pole dance and coaching sessions and the week  will end with ‘Diva Divine’ performing Burlesque at The Witches Brew in Bristol on Friday, a fab ladies night out that is set to be as we celebrate the art of Burlesque.

I am blessed, I get to walk a path that inspires me and I am thankful for it. It is so easy to become bogged down and live a life that has very little joy in, but to step out of that has to be a choice, a conscious choice, a choice to have more, to experience more and most importantly to be more, but you know what, I think a lot of people misunderstand that last statement. Life is sh0wing me very clearly that what we have to be is very much MORE of who we truly are.

When were you last your truest self? Do you remember how good that feels? I hope so.

Till next time
Love and blessings
The Head Diva

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