Wait a minute it’s only Tuesday!

Wow, what a week already, no, wait a minute, it’s only Tuesday!

It is soooo busy here at Diva HQ with the 100 golden tickets, as we lovingly call them, being sent out to 100 businesses in Swindon, of all sizes, to take part in Viva la Diva 2011. We are so proud of this event and it is creating quite a stir already.

The vision of  Find Your Diva and Swindon Elite,  is destined to be a great success and we are already having enquiries about the 2012 one – yikes!

I am, on a personal level, thrilled to announce that contracts with A.I.M (Angel International Management) have been signed and I am now officially taking to the stage as they say, to perform Burlesque around the UK, my stage name is ‘Diva Divine’ and I am so pleased as have also been asked to work as a model too!

The Diva’s themselves are buried away working on our wonderful workshop programme for 2011 and we are now bringing our workshops to you, so if you are a venue or even a group of friends who would like to host a workshop of ours, whether a dance based one or a non-dance based one, please get in touch at womeninspired@hotmail.com . I am so proud of my little team, we may be small but we are mighty as they say! And that of course includes Tiffany who is working away in the boutique, Diva Boutique, getting everything ready for our Valentine launch on 11th February.

People often ask me where I find the time and the energy to do all the lovely things that I do and juggle family life, the truth is I thrive on being busy, it keeps me going, sure I have my moments and days I flop, but by doing and being I find you have the motivation and energy to do almost anything you want to and of course being in love with what I do and my complete belief in it helps! I think Doctor Phil summed it up beautifully with this quote:

‘Show up in your life, you have to act to become motivated,
not the other way round.’

Love and blessings
Head Diva
Diva HQ

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