Angels are sent were needed most.

So where were you ten years ago?

Did you then see yourself being where you are now in ten years?

For once, I can honestly say I know exactly where I was 10 years ago today, I was in the Princess Margaret Hospital looking at the daughter I gave birth to at 9.32 that morning, too excited to sleep, too nervous to take my eyes off her to sleep, because I already knew I never wanted to let go of this beautiful earth angel.

Ten and a half years ago, I came to Swindon, I came to live with my dad who collected me and stepped in just when I needed him most, quietly without judgement, without upset, just as dad’s are good at. For those of  you who don’t know I was single, pregnant and unemployed and struggling with the my daughter’s father choosing to reject me and my unborn baby at that time. It was a surreal space to be in, one of such mixed emotions, a dark place and no matter who was around it was a very lonely place but as I sat there, in that hospital that night, looking at that baby girl, the months of feeling I had nothing to give to this child, that I had already let her down before she had even taken a breath, had slipped away, as I watched her sleeping I was filled with only two emotions, no fears, no worries just absolute love and hope. Hope for  me and my child. I often wonder why I didnt call her Hope.

I look back over the last ten years and see where that hope has taken me. Sure, life is a bumpy road but without hope we have nothing. Never lose hope.

Hope is faith holding out its hand in the dark.  ~George Iles

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