Another year lived!

I am writing earlier this week because tomorrow I will have officially lived another year! Notice I don’t write I am another year older? I can’t, it would be a lie, I feel younger and better than ever before. So yes, 39 years of life experience behind me tomorrow and my eyes are only looking forward.

This week has been a week of clearing out, sorting out, dealing with minor irritations and definately clearing the way for new. The moon I am told has aggrivated these emotions and needs this week so if you too have had one of those weeks that seems to be re-presenting challenges that have gone before, unexpected clashes, those that feel the need to control you, those that have no creative energy of their own and are replicating you, endings or simply life taking a different turn, know that the energy is leaving now.

Tomorrow night I celebrate the start of a new year, my 40th year here!!! I cannot wait as am celebrating with such good friends and of course the corsets are out! So I will prewarn the residents of Swindon that if you see an army of corsetted women in Old Town tomorrow night you are not imagining things! We are a corsetted army of powerful, wonderful, successful women out to paint the town red as my dad would say!

‘A Woman is the full circle. Within her is the power to create,
nurture and transform.’
Diane Mariechild

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Love and blessings

Feeling Inspired!

It’s been another week that seems to have flown by here at Diva HQ, with so many great things happening  and so much fun to be had.

Diva Boutique opened its doors to a late night Valentine special on Friday, such lovely people and such lovely, sexy bargains to be had. 

The Viva La Diva Show is going beautifully, stands are filling, the catwalks are chocker and we have a host of speakers as well as a fantastic Author coming to do a book signing at this great event. Please join us on oir facebook page to find out all thats happening, every day new announcements are made, this week we launched our modelling competition too! : 

Diva Divine and her Havanna Outlaws are busy rehearsing for the evening charity ball and other events we have lined up now that we are working with  such fab’ promoters.  Performing Burlesque is such good fun and so empowering as the ladies at today’s workshop in Gloucester discovered – thank you for such a great time ladies!!

It is so easy to become unmotivated in life right now as people juggle finances and family demands with the growing cost and pressure of life itself. So many people are putting off doing things because they feel a lack of motivation to do so, they feel they dont have the energy and in turn life is feeling flatter and flatter.

In order to feel inspired we need to ‘do’, we need to ‘be’ rather than delay it making statements such as ‘when I have lost the weight I will do that’. Life has shown me that it actually works the other way round. By doing we become motivated and inspired in life, not the other way round.

Are you feeling inspired?  I hope so!

Have a great weekend.

Love and blessings
Head Diva

Another Announcement from Viva!

At last we are able to announce that the modelling competition has launched today! We have been secretly buried in negotiations with Triumph and at last we can announce that they will be sponsoring the modelling event and providing us with some fantastic prizes for not only the winner but for the last 10 in the competition!! How exciting!!

If you would like to know how to enter our modelling competition please click here:

The Viva La Diva show is about celebrating being a woman. Its about loving who you are inside and out and when you can honestly love and like who you are life gets a whole lot better! Come along and be inspired, we have inspirational speakers, including myself, fashion shows, hair shows, demonstrations, beauty treatments and hair styling and treatments, nail bars, fashion houses, shoes, handbags and a whole lot more!

We hope to see you there!

Love and blessings
Head Diva

In the blink of an eye

How fast life can change!

For me, last week ended in disappointment and a reminder that life and people sometimes let you down, because it is their path to do so. After all, life gives you what you need, not necessarily what you want.  The learning that was needed is done, the lessons taught and so the journey ends for it serves no purpose and somewhere between what was and what now is, it is as if you are suspended in motion, the hanged man, to see, to understand, to recognise and grow from the experience. To learn more about who we truly are.

This week has been the most wonderful one, the type of week I love, one filled with creativity, making great contacts, sharing great ideas, having fun, good friends, fun time with family and a sense of purpose!

Viva La Diva is moulding into the most brilliant project and I am so thrilled that at the very beginning we had the ‘lets do it’ attitude because it is paying off brilliantly! Triumph are now sponsoring the event and are providing the most fantastic first prize for the winner of our Swindon’s Top Model Contest which launches on Monday.

This project is in aid of Breast Cancer Campaign and with every step we take it is as if the perfect people are being sent, for example ‘Stan the Man’ who will not only be performing  as Ms D’ but will be hosting the auction at the Charity Ball in the evening. Stan’s Mum spent last year fighting breast cancer and is now in remission. A perfect example of why the work of the Breast Cancer Campaign is so important.

In the blink of an eye life can change, whether we feel it is for the best or for the worst is down to us. We cannot always control what comes our way but we can always control how we react. Have fun everyone! x