The Show that Put Swindon On the Map this Year!

Finally after months of planning and work, yesterday, we opened the doors of the Steam Museum to the show that put Swindon back on the map!

The Viva La Diva Show showcased eighty businesses through an exhibition style event with fashion, hair and beauty, holistic therapies, fitness companies, weight loss companies, dance schools, singing schools and many, many more.

With a day full of inspirational talks, catwalk shows, dance shows and of course the final heats of Swindon’s Top Model held in association with Triumph and Bdiscovered Talent Agency the thousands who attended had a fantastic day out!

To see all the photos of this great event and the Aftershow Party please go to :!/vivaladivashow2011

Thankyou to everyone who came along and supported this event. Rachael and I feel very touched by all the thankyous we are receiving from the businesses that took part as well as the public who came along for a day of fun!

Love and blessings

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