Change is in the Air!

Dear All

I recently made the decision to simplify life a little, to step back and do less in order to have more. More time for joy, more time for family and friends, more time to focus on client work and more time to write, and so far it has been a great decision.

No more travelling up and down the M4, instead I have created my own little haven to provide, coaching, consultations and treatments in and I am loving how it is allowing me the time to connect with people again. A thought came to mind recently ‘are you creating a business or busi – ness Sam’? and I realised that my life was crammed and yet not full of the moments I enjoy most. Now I have time to actually enjoy the moments I am creating, to sit and laugh with my children without feeling under pressure to be doing this or doing that and I am able to truly listen to not only those around me but to my own inner guidance.

Times are changing, People are changing. Our roles are changing. Our roles change because our own needs change, as in our own need to grow and challenge who we have become into freeing us to be who we truly are and that process will always require change to some degree, it is a question of how much we enjoy or embrace that change.

Love and blessings
Head Diva

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