A day of loss


Today there seems to have been so many losses around the world and by many means, at the hands of others and with their own hand. My sadness today is not just for the families that have suffered those losses and will continue to feel that loss at every birthday, every christmas, every milestone. Death may take the body but it is a future without those we love that haunts us most, over and over again tainting precious moments.

As I read the comments being posted on facebook, or should be called ‘foolbook’ I am appauled, I read so many hateful writings about Amy Winehouse. It is bizarre how a death brings out the ugliness of so many. AMy winehouse was a woman, a woman who struggled hugely with addiction in the public eye, another creative soul lost to drugs and alcohol but more importantly she was someone’s daughter, someone’s grandaughter, someone’s cousin, someone’s love and someone’s hope and whilst those who loved her music, as did I, have lost her energy, it is her family who have lost the most. Beginning years ago when they lost her to drugs.

It does not matter how or where death finds us, it does matter if we are children or adults, rich or poor, if we are killed or we kill ourselves, we all leave behind us a void that can never be filled.

There but for the grace of God go I, and you!

Sleep in peace now you are back to black Amy Winehouse.

Love and blessings

(photo courtesy of startrip.tv)

Summer is Here!

Life at FYD (Find Your Diva) is flowing as wonderful as ever with all the activity that’s going on. Moving into new premises in Gorse Hill in Swindon has prooved o be a great decision and all our clients are loving our new tranquil space.

Women Inspired has begun again and we are not only having fab’ realisations but we are also forming lovely friendships and supporting each other through change.

Our Holistic Therapies are growing all the time as w discover wonderful new ways to relax and de-stress the body, this month we have added Hot Oil Massage and Crystal Facial Massages. Both perfect for releasing the tension locked in.

After so many requests we have now opened our doors to provide treatments and consultations fo men too!

So, summer is here!! Apparently!! So as always we like to teach our ‘Diva’s in Training’ how to take care of themselves on an inner as well as outer level. Throughout the summer months we are offering childrens mini pedicures for just £5 when booked alongside a Thai Pedicure for Mum at £20.  To book in please call 07948 372 965.

We also have workshops going on throughout the holidays including a nail art workshop on Friday 29th July, from 10am to 12noon. Just £10 to attend and Mum’s go free! To book call 07948 372 965.

Our monthly Angels night at The Jurys Inn is taking place on Wednesday  27th July at 7pm, a great opportunity to get a psychic reading or connect with a loved one in spirit. Entrance is £3.50 on the door.

We wish you all a fun filled summer and hope to see you all soon at FYD .

Love and blessings
Head Diva