A Fresh Start

ANGEL CARD FOR TODAY: two cards leapt out today, clear yourself and god box so here is my bit: Today is a new day, a new opportunity, let go of all the disappointments, let downs, harsh words, negative beliefs, give them to God to clear. Instead focus on what is good right now in your world and see this day as a fresh start. Love and blessings x

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Love this Weekend – An Angel Message

ANGEL CARD FOR THE WEEKEND: only love will set you free. SAMS BIT: when our thoughts or actions no longer come from a loving place we become stuck, trapped and deeply unhappy. When we let love in whether by loving another, thinking and acting in love or loving what we do our world becomes more loving also. Love and blessings x


Easy Does It

ANGEL CARD FOR TODAY: Everything is occurring in perfect timing. SAMS BIT: Everything happens just as it is meant to be, just in perfect timing, there is no need to push and force things to happen in life instead put your energy into enjoying what you have and having faith that your time will come and then, then it will be time to act. Love and blessings x

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ANGEL CARD FOR TODAY: Integrity. Align your actions with your values. SAMS BIT: When we do things that go against our values, morals, beliefs we create a restlessness, an uncomfortability within and this in time reflects in our world, look again at what you are uncomfortable with in your world today and recognise why. Love and blessings x

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A Free Spirit

ANGEL CARD FOR TODAY: Freedom, you are already free, you just haven’t realised yet. SAMS BIT: Feeling trapped? feeling stuck in life? You are only as trapped as you let yourself think you are. Know that you a free spirit and allow yourself to be free spirited in the things that you do today. Love and blessings x

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Heart Ache

my heart aches today as someone close has lost their beautiful daughter to cancer after such a long fight. so as a Mum here is my advice: if you have children love them, if you love them hug them and tell them they are loved everyday not because you are scared you too may lose them but because know you are blessed that you can. love and blessings x

You Are Safe

ANGEL MESSAGE FOR THE WEEKEND: Know that You are always loved and protected. SAMS BIT: When we feel loved and protected we feel safer, safer to do things we have been reluctant to do. Wherever you are in life know that the Angels walk beside you. Let this knowledge help you as you walk forwards this weekend. Love and blessings x



Today’s Angel Message – expect something unexpected.

ANGEL MESSAGE FOR TODAY: Close your eyes and ask for a new road to be opened, expect the unexpected. SAMS BIT: When we close our eyes and ask for help we trust in the Angels/spirit/God. When help is sent it often comes in an unexpected way, close your eyes and open your heart to a new path today,however it may appear. Love and blessings x

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