ANGEL CARD FOR TODAY: Relationships. SAMS BIT: As we change, our needs change as do our relationships. Understand that sometimes it’s necessary to step out of those that are negative or simply do not serve us but in fact hold us back. Be willing to only remain in healthy connections today. Love and blessings x

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ANGEL CARD FOR TODAY: Gratitude. SAMS BIT: Be grateful for all that you have and all that you experience today, for it is everything you need. When we focus on what we have rather than what we don’t have life blesses us that little bit more. Love and blessings x

Feeling Stuck.

ANGEL CARD FOR TODAY: Ask for a new path to be opened today. SAMS BIT: Whether we are on our knees or stuck in a rut, we have only to ask. Take time today to ask to be shown a new path, a direction, a new focus and expect the unexpected. Love and blessings x


ANGEL CARD FOR TODAY: Live in alignment. SAMS BIT: When we make sure our actions, words and thoughts are in alignment with our values and beliefs we lose that inner restlessness. We are that little bit more comfortable with life. Are you living in alignment today? Love and blessings x please follow me on twitter @theheaddiva


ANGEL CARD FOR THE WEEKEND: Stop! SAM’S BIT: Stop! let go of the behaviour that stops you from having the very things you desire in your life, let go of what destroys your chance of happiness, whether it’s addictions, holding onto the pain of the past or that protective wall you have built between yourself and this world, let it go! Open yourself to abundance this weekend. Love and blessings x

Be Yourself

ANGEL CARD FOR TODAY: Be yourself. SAMS BIT: Your gift to the world is to be yourself and do the things you were put here to do. When we pretend to be someone we’re not we live in denial and our foundation is a lie. Live in the truth today, be yourself. Love and blessings x

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Your Path

ANGEL CARD FOR TODAY: Keep going, you are moving in the right direction. SAMS BIT: It’s hard to believe we are on the right path when we out days are filled with challenges and upset but these challenges are clearing the way, removing what does not belong with us on our path. Hold your head high and keep going today, knowing you are on the right path. Love and blessings. X please can you like my wellness centres page on facebook today:
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ANGEL CARD FOR TODAY: Let go of time. How much do you really need to do today? SAMS BIT: When we cram every minute of every day with activity we forget how important stillness is. There is no need to justify your life by constantly being on the go, there is however the need to take time out, to relax and to just be. Enjoy today. Love and blessings x

Forgive me

This week I have truly been reminded of how precious life is from a friend facing being paralysed to another friend losing a baby girl, life has reminding me the importance of living, of caring, of sharing, of forgiving for we can never get these moments back. Love and blessings x