Look Deeper.

ANGEL CARD FOR TODAY: To understand look deeper. SAMS BIT: When we only seeing things at face value our understanding is limited. Step back from that situation today, look deeper to understand what is truly going on then it will all make sense. Then you will not what to do, if anything needs to be done. Love and blessings #psychicdiva



ANGEL CARD FOR TODAY: archangel Raphael brings abundance today. SAMS BIT: Feel joy in your heart today to allow you to draw in the abundance that awaits you. Each time we heal an aspect of our self, we are rewarded. Know you are well and life is rich today. Love and blessings. Www.facebook.com/AWMinistry

Just for You.

I have been ‘asked’ to post this this morning, hopefully the message will find who its for. ANGEL MESSAGE JUST FOR YOU: Listen, listen to the words around you, directed at you and most importantly that come from you. Listen to the words that play in your mind for they will tell you the truth, recognise the anger behind them and let go. Things happen good and bad but they always lead us to better times. Speak only kindness today. Love and blessings x



ANGEL CARD FOR TODAY: Know you are loved. SAMS BIT: when we accept ourselves and love ourselves just as we are, we walk in the energy of love. Feel that love today and allow it to reach out to others. Be the energy of love today. Love and blessings x

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ANGEL CARD FOR TODAY: Small Steps. Every journey begins with small steps. SAMS BIT: Just because you aren’t making huge leaps forward right now does not mean you are stationary. Life is moving you forward step by step. Be happy and know that life is about the journey and every step no matter how small is as important as the first and the last. Love and blessings x #angels

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Life is Beautiful.

ANGEL CARD FOR TODAY: Life is beautiful if we appreciate it. SAMS BIT: When we appreciate what we have, when we see the beauty that is around us we experience the abundance of life. No matter what troubles you today, see only the beauty that is around you. Love and blessings x http://www.needapsychic.co.uk