2013 is almost over!

The last day of 2013, the year that was! A year that dragged a lot of kicking and screaming through our biggest fears and challenges to remind us that we can survive these things. A year of connecting with our truest purpose. A year of endings and beginnings, heartache and love. A year that showed me that it is the energy of love that matters. That the most important thing is to build a life around doing things you love, being with those you love and treating others with loving kindness and I am grateful that life dragged me kicking and screaming into that realisation. 2014 for me will be a year of working hard and playing hard because when you love what you do it’s all fun! Happy New Year, may it be your best year yet. Love and blessings x


New Years Eve Message

NEW YEARS EVE ANGEL MESSAGE: This is the beginning. A time of letting go. A time of appreciating everything that was right and good in 2013 and letting go of that which was not. Close this year with love and laughter, smiles and hope as we step forwards into a new year and a new beginning. Let 2013 have been the year that showed you what truly matters and let 2014 be the year of knowing and growing what truly matters. Love and blessings x

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Start Again,

ANGEL CARD FOR TODAY: Start again. SAMS BIT: Today decide things will be different, see today as a new beginning and an opportunity. Yesterday has gone and you have the promise of tomorrow but today, today will be how you choose it to be through your words, thoughts and actions. Love and blessings x

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Be Focused

ANGEL MESSAGE FOR THIS WEEKEND: Be focused. SAM’S BIT: Keep your mind focused, your thoughts, your actions and most importantly your feelings focused on your goal and how you will feel when you get there. This is how success is achieved. Be focused. Be positive. Love and blessings x

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Christmas Eve Angel Message

CHRISTMAS EVE ANGEL MESSAGE: release the pressure in your world. You were not put here to do it all and be it all, you are simply meant to be you, the real you and the very best of who you are. To enjoy life as you, to share happiness and love without fear. Let that be your gift to the world now for to be YOU is to serve your purpose. Love and blessings x

Learning experience.

ANGEL CARD FOR TODAY: Learning Experience. SAM’S BIT: When we walk through something that seems pointless, especially when we feel hurt or let down by it, put it down as experience, a learning experience. Lesson learnt and file it away. Don’t waste time and energy in the process of analysing and replaying in your mind that which is not that important. Let it go so you do not recreate it because you have focused your mind on it. You have seen what you needed to see now let go and step forward again. Love and blessings x

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ANGEL CARD FOR THE WEEKEND: See the truth in your challenges. SAM’S BIT: Our challenges often serve to show us things we have been refusing to see, to face, to act on. When you are feeling challenged this weekend, stop, take a deep breath and ask yourself what’s really going on here? Hear your truth this weekend, love and blessings x


ANGEL CARD FOR TODAY: Focus your mind. SAM’S BIT: Your mind is the most powerful thing you possess. It chooses whether you are happy or sad in every given moment. Today focus your mind on the good things that are happening to you, remember the happy times let go of negative memories and know, just know, that things will get better. Love and blessings x please can you help me by sharing this status today? Thank you x

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Ask The Angels

ANGEL CARD FOR TODAY: Have you asked the Angels lately? SAM’S BIT: So often we get so involved in the situations in our lives that we forget to allow the Angels to fulfil their purpose and help us, we forget to ask! Today, whatever that situation is that troubles, today give it to the Angels and let go of the constant mind chatter about it. Today, give it to the Angels. Love and blessings x

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