Live it!

ANGEL CARD FOR THE WEEKEND: live it. SAMS BIT: it’s the weekend. The perfect opportunity to put into practice living life rather than just surviving it. Find time to do the things that make you feel alive, energised. The things that make you glow. Have a great weekend. This is your life, isn’t it time you lived it! Love and blessings x,uk

Begin Again.

As I lie here, drifting in the thoughts of the insomniac I seem to have become, my mind reminds me of all the hard moments in people’s lives, the people I have met this month, this week, this day. No matter how beautiful the souls of people are they will always have pockets of upset, pain and suffering. Pockets of stress, pockets of anxiety. It is simply the cycles of life and through these moments our deepest understanding of ourselves and life comes to us. Of course, only if we choose to see the learning.

I have been reading for others, passing on the messages of spirit and angels, healing hearts, calming minds and reminding people to breathe for 14 years now. It has taught me many fabulous things and it has also shown me the power of not judging others. No matter how ‘dark’ a person may seem, if we cannot see beyond their crime how can we possibly cast light?

There are, in my opinion, only two real emotions or energies in this world, love and fear and sometimes even love can bring it’s own fear. When we choose to sit in the energy of love and create the life we desire it is a loving experience to do so, even through the ups and downs but when we are creating from a place of fear, fear of never being loved, never having enough, never making it then we create a tougher journey.

In every moment we have the chance to begin again. At any moment we can choose to take a fresh step and have a new thought, we can choose to love the journey.

Today, make sure you begin again.

Love and blessings


ANGEL CARD FOR TODAY: Have closure. SAMS BIT: if it’s over let it go. Whether you need to stop texting an ex or stop thinking about a situation, let it go, bring in closure. In order to move forward we must truly have closure, not keep popping back there just to check. Let go. When we leave a door still open we are unable to fully walk through the new door. Free yourself through closure today. Love and blessings x

A new beginning.

ANGEL CARD FOR TODAY: A new beginning. SAMS BIT: Today Is a new day, a new beginning. Let go of the struggles of yesterday and have renewed hope and energy and know that today you can start again. Make this the day things change. Love and blessings x

Don’t give up!

ANGEL CARD FOR TODAY: Don’t give up. The best is ahead of you. SAMS BIT: When we feel we are always up against it and the journey is nothing but a fight, there comes a point when we feel like giving up. Don’t! Know in this moment that you are being shown your strength, your desire and remember why you began this journey. Don’t give up, push through the feelings of doubt today. Love and blessings x



ANGEL CARD FOR TODAY: Happiness. SAM’S BIT: When the world is feeling grey, hard and lonely choose happiness. Choose to be happy, refuse to let life drag you down. Do the things that make you happy, think the thoughts that allow you to feel happiness and watch your world become a brighter place. Love and blessings x


ANGEL CARD FOR THE WEEKEND: it’s time to give. SAM’S BIT: this weekend use the energy of giving. Give without expectation to those around you. Give your time, your love, you support but don’t give in to your worries. Give those to the Angels and let them do what needs to be done. Have a peaceful weekend. Love and blessings x

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To love again.

ANGEL CARD FOR TODAY: isn’t it time you loved again? SAM’S BIT: when did you last feel love in your heart? Do you see the world through loving eyes? Do you feel connected to your life through the love you have for it and within it? Let the Angels open your heart to love today, whether it’s through a relationship, an activity or connecting with friends. Let your heart open today and be the love this world need. Love and blessings x #psychicdiva

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Be Strong

ANGEL CARD FOR TODAY: Be Strong, you are stronger then you think. SAM’S BIT: life constantly reminds us not only who we truly are, but how strong we truly are and often it is that strength that brings the outcome we long got. Be strong today, strong emotionally, strong in your thoughts and strong in your decisions. Have a wonderful Wednesday. Love and blessings x