See the love in this world.

ANGEL CARD FOR TODAY: It is safe to see the love in this world. SAM’S BIT: Angels speak to you everyday through the energy of love. Trust what you see today, whether in visions, synchronicities or the acts of angels walking this world. Allow yourself to see the love around you today. Love and blessings x

You are not alone.

ANGEL CARD FOR TODAY: Be brave. The angels are with you. SAM’S BIT: No matter how hard it may seem or how alone we feel, we are never truly facing things alone. Ask the Angels to help you and know that many angels walk this earth assisting us in our paths.

Flow of life.

ANGEL CARD FOR THE WEEKEND: Go with the flow. SAM’S BIT: Surrender. surrender to the flow of your life this weekend. Fighting with the situations within it will put you in a place of struggle and challenge. Instead this week simply go with the flow and simply see where life takes you. Love and blessings x

It is ok to love.

ANGEL CARD FOR TODAY: You are being protected, it is ok to love. SAMS BIT: your walls my be high, your heart sat behind armour but we all need to feel loved and to love another. Whether it is your partner, your children, your pet or the work that you do. Know that when you are in the energy of love you are protected by love. When we are in fear , life brings us what we fear. Love and blessings x

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ANGEL CARD FOR TODAY: This is your destiny. Let us help you accept it. SAM’S BIT: Even when things are set in stone we still must accept them. We have to not let our ego, our fears, our worries and doubts from getting in the way of what is destined. Ask the Angels to help you today with achieving your destiny. Love and blessings x

Be optimistic.

ANGEL CARD FOR TODAY: Be optimistic, it will change your whole day. SAM’S BIT: When we truly believe that things will get better, they usually do. Think positively about what lies ahead today. Love and blessings x

It’s all in the past.

ANGEL CARD FOR TODAY: A situation you are in is linked to the past. SAM’S BIT: when you see the connection between your past and the present situation you are struggling with, it empowers to bring in the change, inner change. Today ask the Angels to help you heal the past so you can fully live for today. Love and blessings x