ANGEL MESSAGE FOR TODAY: Let go of past addictions today. SAM’S BIT: Its all in the past and today is just the beginning, the beginning of a new you. Ask the Angels to assist you in healing and let go of the past. Do not allow the thoughts of yesterday to creep into your mind space today. Love and blessings x

Past life.

ANGEL CARD FOR TODAY: Past life issue. SAMS BIT: Sometimes the problem is not what is happening today but what has happened in your past. It is easier to hold on to the suffering of yesterday’s believing it shields us from further harm. Today let it go. Stop carrying the burden of yesterday and fill your heart with the joy of today. Love and blessings. X #psychicdiva


ANGEL MESSAGE FOR THIS WEEKEND: Be in flow. SAMS BIT: Life is about flow, the flow of energy in and out of the many areas of life and the flow of emotions. Let your energy and emotions flow this weekend into the things that matter most. Love and blessings x

Are you worrying?

ANGEL CARD FOR TODAY: Stop worrying, you have a bright future. SAMS BIT: Why are you worrying? Does it make you feel in control or does it make you feel less then? Worrying has never changed a thing in the history man but it will rob of the joy today has to offer you. Everything is going to be good, focus on that today. Love and blessings #psychicdiva

Have faith and you will be rewarded.

ANGEL CARD FOR TODAY: Have faith and you will be rewarded. SAMS BIT: In order to succeed, no matter what area of life, we must have faith. Faith that somehow things will all come together beautifully just at the right moment, faith that we are gaining far more than it may feel we are losing and most of all faith in ourselves to see the journey through. Today stand strong in that faith. Love and blessings. X


ANGEL MESSAGE FOR TODAY: Are you feeling secure? Sometimes we have to step out of our comfort zone and feel a little bit uncomfortable, a little bit insecure in order to achieve, to grow, to learn, to see. Pay attention to your sense of security today. Love and blessings x #psychicdiva

Safe journey.

ANGEL CARD FOR TODAY: Safe travel. SAMS BIT: Life is not about where we end up but more about how we handle and develop through the journey we walk through on our way. Without trials and struggles we would be unable to develop strength, without heartache we would not know what real love is, without sadness we would value laughter. Travel your journey today safe in the knowledge that everything is going to plan. Love and blessings #psychicdiva


ANGEL GUIDANCE FOR TODAY: Friendship. Enjoy what is good in your life today with those who walk beside you. SAMS BIT: Sometimes friends become our truest family. Those we love, those who support us and lift us up when we are down. True Friendship is something to be celebrated. Recognised and enjoy your friendships today. Love and blessings x