Will You Wait for Me?

Will You Wait for Me?

I don’t want to be with a man who says I’m hot,
I want to be with someone who thinks I’m beautiful.
I don’t want to be with a man who says I’m funny,
I want to be with a man who recognises the kindness in my heart.
I long to be held in my darkest moments,
Not held at arms length just in case.
I long to talk till the sun comes up
And the moon has faded into yesterday.
To sit in silence watching the ocean flow in and out,
Not sit forgotten by a man who wanders in and out.
To be in someone’s heart and mind even when I am away,
To know that what we have is growing day by day.
A connection, an understanding, a love,
That makes the journey worth that wait.


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Time for You.

ANGEL CARD FOR TODAY: The Angels are encouraging you to take care of YOU. SAM’S BIT: When we are feeling, low, tired, restless or unhappy it is because we have somehow forgotten to take care of ourselves. Whether mentally, physically or emotionally make sure today you give time and energy just to you. Sleep, eat healthy, walk in the fresh air, dance, sing, laugh, pamper yourself, forgive yourself, do whatever it takes to feel energised and uplifted again today. Today come first on that list. Love and blessings x @psychicdiva.

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Love Comes Now

ANGEL CARD FOR TODAY: There is great excitement in the Angelic realms as a new love is coming. SAM’S BIT: The most powerful energy is the energy of love for when we are in love we are able to create beautiful things, attract loving experiences and the journey of life becomes easier. Know that love is on it’s way whether through another, a pet, a friendship or discovering a love for something and when it comes basque in it’s glory and enjoy every moment. The angels will be with you on this. Love and blessings x

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It’s Time.

ANGEL CARD FOR THE WEEKEND: It’s time to draw a line on this situation, let the angels help you. SAM’S BIT: Isn’t it time you drew a line on it so you can walk forwards into the life you truly want. Sometimes it is only the past that holds us back and that desire for everything to have a happy ending, to prove to the world that our choice was right or to not feel we have made a bad choice but sometimes the only way to have the happy ending is by drawing a line on it, forgiving yourself for your part, recognising what the experience has taught you and walking away. Your life is isn’t about good decisions or bad decisions it’s about moments, moments and memories. Choose to experience more loving moments so your memories are not filled with regret. Love and blessings x

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Time to Begin

ANGEL CARD FOR TODAY: The angels are bringing you new energy and new beginnings. SAM’S BIT: the thinking, debating and choosing is over. In the end we have to choose to move forward, to begin again, to take a new path, to start the next cycle of our journey. What do you feel drawn to start today? Do what makes you feel energised. Love and blessings x @psychicdiva

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ANGEL CARD FOR TODAY: Go with the flow today and feel the presence of angels. SAM’S BIT: Life is meant to flow and flow beautifully in the perfect direction, perfect for you. Even when we are in the energy of struggle we should let it flow not fight, push, pull or try to control instead let it flow so we find peace flowing back into our world. Go with the flow today, life has a better plan than you see right now. Love and blessings x @psychicdiva.

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Ask the Angels to Guide You.

ANGEL CARD FOR TODAY: Ask the angels to help you accept the change you are struggling with. SAM’S BIT: Sometimes even though we know a change is needed and is right, it doesn’t always make it easy to walk through. Sometimes in our darkest moments we forget to ask the angels to light the way. You were not put here to struggle, ask for help today. Love and blessings x

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Willing to forgive?

ANGEL CARD FOR TODAY: Be willing to forgive. SAM’S BIT: The journey is over. Now it is time to forgive yourself and those involved so that you may be free to feel peace again. Only forgiveness sets us free. Free to make future choices and decisions without the influence of our past experiences. Be willing to forgive today so you may feel at peace again with the choices you have made. Love and blessings x @theheaddiva.

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Your Prayers are Being Answered.

ANGEL CARD FOR THE WEEKEND: Pay attention to your thoughts, the ideas you are having are the Angels answering your prayers. SAM’S BIT: Our greatest knowledge, our wisdom, our guidance and our answers all lie within us. Take time to listen to your own thoughts and ideas this weekend. Sit and chill and let the answers flow into your mind. The Angels are close to you whispering their guidance. Love and blessings x

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