Let The Angels Deal with It

ANGEL CARD FOR TODAY: Slow down. SAM’S BIT: Now is the time to slow down and let the Angels do their work. No need to act, no need to push or pull on the dramas of life, simply a need to just be and hand this over to the Angels for they have all the time in the world. Whether it is pain, anger, jealousy or resentment that you find yourself in, know that it does not belong in your world. The Angels are dealing with it so you don’t have to. Love will take you beyond this point of suffering. Love will light the way. You are loved and you are blessed. ©
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A Time to Pause, A Time to Be Brave

ANGEL CARD FOR TODAY: Two cards leapt today: Pause and Be Brave. SAM’S BIT: Today honour yourself by taking a pause, stop, take a deep breath, breath in the energies of the Angels beside you, connect with your truest self and feel what is the right thing to do now and then be brave. Be brave enough to act on that feeling, brave enough to do the steps that need to be done and be brave enough to know what is right for YOU. You are doing so well in this journey, have you worked that out yet? You are loved and you are blessed. ©

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ANGEL CARD FOR TODAY: Focus. SAM’S BIT: Focus only on what truly matters today, everything else can wait. When we prioritise and focus on what we love, what matters all that no longer belongs can simply slide away because we are no longer holding it in our space. We have stopped giving energy to it. Let your eyes focus on the good stuff today and enjoy what lies ahead for you. You are loved and you are blessed.©

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New Horizons Await.

ANGEL CARD FOR TODAY: New horizons await you. SAM’S BIT: Look up, look ahead and know that everything you need lies ahead of you in that new direction. You have struggled where you are for too long. Now the Angels wish to steer you ahead into new horizons. Today be brave, dare to have a new vision, a bigger vision and dare to take the steps to leave the old behind. You are loved and you are blessed.©

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Commit To The New.

ANGEL CARD FOR TODAY: Commitment. SAM’S BIT: A new day, a new week, a new energy and a new desire. Are you committed to this fully? When we have things to achieve we are required to be committed to the path. To show dedication, to take action when necessary, to be committed in out thoughts and committed in our faith. Have faith in the new today. It holds much promise and far greater things than all of your yesterday’s. You are loved and you are blessed.©

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ANGEL CARD FOR TODAY: Pray. SAM’S BIT: When did you last stop, take a moment, a deep breath and ask the Angels for their help. You have all these resources, all this assistance, remember to use it today. Your greatest wisdom, advice and knowledge come from within. They come from your own angelic source. Ask for help today and feel the response within you. You are loved and you are blessed.

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ANGEL CARD FOR TODAY: Retreat. SAM’S BIT: Just because it is going on around you does not mean you must be involved. It is ok to pull back out of the drama, out of the situations and take time to be alone and regain your focus and inner peace. Our soul self needs us to retreat to re energise and to reconnect with the real us. Know today that it is ok to take time out just for you. It’s good for the soul. You are loved and you are blessed.
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ANGEL MESSAGE FOR TODAY: The situations you are in are moving to new levels. Allow the angels to help you. SAM’S BIT: It is time, it is time to take a deep breath and step forward into your destiny. It is time to be willing to show up and play our part. Even though you may not see what lies ahead or the importance of the steps you take yet know that they ar moving you closer and closer to a greater vision for your world. Everything changes, just like the seasons it is all part of the flow of life. Be ready for the next season in your life. You are loved and you are blessed.

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It Will Happen.

ANGEL CARD FOR TODAY: It will happen, have faith. SAM’S BIT: Wherever you find yourself today, take a deep breath and know that all is well. Take time to recognise that everything happens for a reason and therefore happens just as it is meant to be. Let go of needing to know the how’s where’s and when’s and instead have faith and trust and know all will be will. You are loved and you are blessed. ©

Walk Forwards.

ANGEL CARD FOR TODAY: Allow the Angels to guide you away from this situation. SAM’S BIT: Sometimes it’s hard to walk forwards from what once was. We cannot see which path to take. It may even seem easier to remain where we are. Ask for help. Ask for guidance. Allow the Angels to steer your path through gentle nudged acts of synchronicity today. Expect the unexpected. Open your mind to bigger and better things and allow yourself to take the steps, no matter how small, one step at a time, one day at a time. You are loved and you are blessed. ©