Gratitude by Samantha

ANGEL MESSAGE FOR TODAY: Gratitude. SAM’S BIT: When did you last say thank you? Not for the gift or the lift to work or for the helping hand but for the roof over your head, the food on your table, the clothes you wear, the money you receive to pay for them, the beautiful view, the emotions a song stirs in you, your family, your friends, the laughs, the tears, the happiness and even more so as we bring in 2015 be grateful for all the hardness you walked through this year. For without the challenges you would have forgotten how powerful you are, you may have lost your connection to the divine, to the real you. Through the challenges the world got to see how beautiful, strong and important you are. We got to see you grow into the beautiful person that you always were. Without all of this 2015 could not be the fantastic year life has planned for you. Have a fabulous night tonight and absorb the excitement of what could be. You are loved and you blessed. Samantha x

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Let It Go. By Samantha

ANGEL MESSAGE FOR TODAY: Let it go. SAM’S BIT: Whatever has gone on, whatever has been before and did not work, let it go. There is nothing more to learn. Nothing more to see. No no need to think through it over and over. Let it go. Free your mind of what didn’t work so you focus on what could work. Let your mind wander to what lies before you, not behind you. You are loved and you are blessed. Samantha. #psychicdiva

Retreat. By Samantha

ANGEL CARD FOR TODAY: Retreat . SAM’S BIT: When the world seems crazy, the situations around us are full of stress, when those around us are draining our energy it is ok to put ourselves first and retreat. Retreat from the world back into our self and our own world to relax and re-energise. So that we may rise again to face another day. Take time out today. Whatever it is can wait. You are loved and you are blessed.

Leap! By Samantha

ANGEL CARD FOR TODAY: Leap of faith. SAM’S BIT: Today the angels encourage you to take that risk, to have faith in your self and the universe in you ability to do what it is you really wish to do. Live through the heart and be who you truly are today. Take a risk. You are loved and you are blessed.
Samantha x

Christmas Angel Wishes by Samantha

CHRISTMAS ANGEL MESSAGE: Have hope, faith and trust and be loyal to what your own heart desires. SAM’S BIT: Tomorrow is a day of hope, of joy, of faith and the opportunity to trust in something the eyes cannot see, to trust in love. The power of the divine is love, pure love and the Angels wish to fill your world with it. Be a beacon of that love this Christmas and remember to honour your own love too. Do what feels right in your heart so that you may give from the soul. Have a blessed Christmas. You are loved and you are blessed.

Be A Blessing by Samantha

ANGEL MESSAGE FOR TODAY: Blessing. SAM’S BIT: You are a blessing. You are loved and important to those closest to you. Don’t lose sight of that today. The angels are watching over you and your loved ones so that you may be a beacon of light in the lives of those around you. Whether your gift is a loving touch, a few words or even a smile for a stranger, today it is all that is required to make a difference in someone’s life. Let the Angels shine through you today. You are loved and you are blessed. X

Be Optimistic

ANGEL CARD FOR TODAY: Optimism. SAM’S BIT: Whatever lies before you be optimistic about your path. Let this positive energy pull you forward and let the Angels steer you into better days. They have watched your struggle, they have watched your pain now let them heal you through new experiences. You are loved and you are blessed.©
Samantha. #psychicdiva

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Faith by Samantha

ANGEL CARD FOR THE WEEKEND: Have faith this weekend and trust in the Angels. SAM’S BIT: Every act of coincidence, every moment of synchronicity is a sign, follow it. This weekend look for all the clues, nudges and messages whether through words on a sign, words in a song, a conversation with a stranger or simply the feelings you have, know you are being guided. Trust enough to act on this guidance. You are loved and you are blessed.
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Speak Your Truth by Samantha

ANGEL CARD FOR TODAY: Speak your truth today, SAM’S BIT: If you wish to be accepted, loved for who you truly are and able to be yourself then that’s exactly what you must do, be yourself. Today speak clearly and truthfully and express from the heart with loving words your truth. Let people see who you really are and then let them choose. You deserve happiness in life. It can only come if you are living and speaking your truth. You are loved and you are blessed. © #

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Choices by Samantha

ANGEL CARD FOR TODAY: Today you have you choices, follow your heart, this is how the Angels guide you. SAM’S BIT: Be brave enough to follow your intuition, your heart and soul in the choices you face today. When we do this we know we are being true to ourself no matter what the circumstances. The Angels are with you every step of the way today. Keep going and bring in the changes your soul desires. You are loved and you are blessed.