Time to Heal

ANGEL CARD FOR TODAY: The Angels are healing you. SAM’S BIT: If you are feeling hurt, angry, upset, frustrated, let down or lost, the angels are healing you. Assist them in the process by letting go. Let go of what inflicts you, let go of the thoughts that hold you back and breathe in the peacefulness and healing of the Angels. Life is short, live it. You are loved and you are blessed.©

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Time to get a Bigger Plan!

ANGEL MESSAGE FOR TODAY: The Angels are reminding you that you have the whole Universe to explore, think bigger. SAM’S BIT: Today change your vision, think bigger, get a bigger dream, a bigger wish, a bigger plan. You are trying to create or achieve something far too small and your struggle with this is because spirit and the Angels have a far bigger plan. Take a deep breath and allow yourself to connect with that plan, you are worth it, you are worth do much more then this. You are loved and you are blessed. ©
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Happiness Is A Choice.

ANGEL CARD FOR TODAY: Happiness. The angels are bathing you in the energy of happiness. SAM’S BIT: Choose happiness today for it is a powerful, positive energy that can only create yet more joy. Don’t be afraid today, be confident, be happy and feel joy in the life you are living. Love and blessings x

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A new life begins now.

ANGEL CARD FOR TODAY: The Angels bring blessings to your new life through this new beginning. SAM’S BIT: It’s time to take that chance, it’s time to bring in a new life through a new beginning and know, just know, that all will be well. The angels are with you, guiding you to better days if you will only take this new beginning. Be brave, you are stronger than you think and more loved and supported than you feel right now. Have faith in the new you. Love and blessings x

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Be Loving.

ANGEL CARD FOR TODAY: The angels are bringing new energy into your relationships, feel the love that is within them. SAM’S BIT: Allow the energy of love into your relationships today, whether loved ones, friends or work colleagues. Recognise that when you allow more love into these connections life feels better and you feel better. Love yourself enough to be kinder in your thoughts and ways today. Love and blessings x

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Rejoice don’t dwell.

ANGEL MESSAGE FOR TODAY: Rejoice in what is good in your world. SAM’S BIT: Two cards leapt today so here is my blended message: Don’t spend today analysing all that has gone on instead focus on what is good. Sometimes we are not meant to know the reasons why but simply to see the contrast of what what we do and what we don’t want in our lives. Focus on the good, enjoy positive moments and know that your heart is pulling more great days ahead of you. Love and blessings x

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Your Answers are Within

ANGEL MESSAGE FOR TODAY: Your answer is within you. SAM’S BIT: You do know the answer, it is buried deep within your heart and soul. Open up your heart and breathe deeply to connect with your soul today. Trust what you feel and know that your answer will come. It’s time to navigate your own ship. Love and blessings x #psychicdiva

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Shall We Begin?

ANGEL MESSAGE FOR TODAY: Shall we begin? SAMS BIT: Are you ready now? Today is a new day, a new beginning and a fresh start. Are you ready to begin the journey of walking forwards into better days now you have shaken off the energies of yesterday’s? Enjoy the journey and let your journey bring you joy today. Love and blessings x

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The Answer.

ANGEL MESSAGE FOR TODAY: Your answer has come. Are you listening? SAM’S BIT: Your prayer was answered, the answer was sent, did you hear it? Our answers come through many forms, our own thoughts, the words of songs, the words of others, TV, radio, books. The world around you will give you your answer today. Love and blessings. X #psychicdiva

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Have faith in your Actions.

ANGEL MESSAGE FOR TODAY: Have faith in your actions. SAMS BIT: You have done what you needed to do, you have said what needed to be said and taken back control of your world, don’t lose faith now. Let it go in you mind, give it to the Angels now and have faith in yourself and that all will be well. Love and blessings x

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