ANGEL CARD FOR THE WEEKEND: Listen to your intuition.
SAMANTHA’S BIT: We all have intuition, a sense of knowing and it always serves us well. Don’t listen to the voice of fear that speaks in your mind instead listen to the voice of your intuition that comes to you as feelings in your heart and soul this weekend. Some things cannot be explained, somethings we just know. This weekend take time to enjoy the journey and see which way your intuition takes you. You are loved and you are blessed.

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ANGEL CARD FOR TODAY:Time to sew the seeds of dreams.
SAMANTHA’S BIT: The Angels are telling you NOW is the time. Plant those seeds, take those steps, start to walk along that path that you desire. Follow your dreams and follow your heart. Know that you are on purpose and guided by the Angels right now even if you feel a little unsure, do what you know deep down feels right with every cell of your being even if your mind’s ego doesn’t quite agree. Don’t allow fear to change the course of your life. You re loved and you are blessed.

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Be You.

ANGEL CARD FOR TODAY: Be who you are.
SAMANTHA’S BIT: Sometimes the struggle comes simply from trying to please others and not be who we truly are. From trying to keep everyone else happy and be all things to all men. Sometimes what is truly required is to take a deep breath, be who you are, make your choices from that point and perspective and keep going. If they don’t like who you are they are not for your path. Let them go. If they don’t understand who you are let them find someone they can understand but remember to stay true to who you are. Better roads lie ahead. You are loved and you are blessed.

Think, change, grow. 

ANGEL CARD FOR TODAY: Through change comes growth. SAMANTHA’S BIT: Give thought to the change that you are bringing in now. This change is centred in the energy of growth and there is a need to know this right now. The Angels are asking to remind you that all thoughts create change, all thoughts create our reality. Hold on to positive thoughts about this change and so it shall be. You are loved and you are blessed. 


Samantha x

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I’m actually away on holiday so here is THIS WEEK’S Angel message, have a beautiful week everyone:

ANGEL CARD FOR THE WEEK: Action brings change.
SAMANTHA’S BIT: Life is a journey and we can only live it fully by moving forward, one day at a time, one step at a time but as we do these things that mean seem small to others or even to ourselves, each and every step will add up to change in your world. Without change there is no growth. Without contrast there is no knowing what you DO want in your world. The greatest action or step that you can take this week is to change your thoughts. Change them for positive ones! Change them for ones filled with motivation and hope, feel inspired by your own thoughts. Change them for loving ones. Change your mind and see life as the beautiful adventure and game that it truly is and start to enjoy the journey. This week take action to be who you truly are and honor yourself and the world with the gift of YOU. Step out of the shadows of insecurities and into the light of love. You are loved and you are blessed.

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Move Forward

ANGEL CARD FOR THE WEEKEND: Walk forward and allow life to flow.
SAMANTHA’S BIT: Life is ever changing, ever moving because like the cells in our body and the seasons of nature, there is always room for change and growth and in all of this there is beauty to be found. Our greatest challenge in life, I feel, is to get out of our own way. To stop blocking our own flow through our resistance to change, our insistence to be in control and our inability to let go even when we know it isn’t right just because we fear appearing to have failed. This weekend give yourself the gift of letting go, of walking forward seeing life as an adventure not a challenge and spread a little love along the way. You are loved and you are blessed.

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Be Who You Are

ANGEL CARD FOR TODAY: Be who you are and let your abundance flow.SAMANTHA’S BIT: You are unique, as is your path and purpose. Be who you were put here to be. The Angels are pointing out to you that when you focus on and try to live someone else’s life you are denying yourself and the world of you and what you came here to be and do. Your path is your own and the only way to success and happiness is you. When we mimic the work and lives of others there is no purpose, no success for what we create does not belong. Be an individual, celebrate your individuality, enjoy who you are and the things that bring you happiness and allow your own abundance to flow to you. You are loved and you are blessed. 


strength and support

ANGEL CARD FOR TODAY: Strength and support.SAMANTHA’S BIT: The Angels are with you every step of this journey you are on but you must remember to ask for strength, ask for support, ask for help. It is your journey after all and even the Angels are not allowed to interfere with your choices until asked to. As an act of self love and kindness, remember to ask today. You are loved and you are blessed.


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Be an Earth Angel

ANGEL CARD FOR THE WEEKEND: Be an earth angel this weekend.SAMANTHA’S BIT: This weekend the Angels are asking you to allow yourself the powerful experience of being an earth Angel yourself, of giving, saying or being a gift to others in some way, no matter how small. Feel the joy and upliftment that comes from following your intuition as they nudge you to act from a place of love with no expectations, no agenda just simply giving for the sake of giving this weekend. You are loved and you are blessed.


look after you 

ANGEL CARD FOR TODAY: Look after yourself so that the universe can too.SAMANTHA’S BIT: The Angels are reminding you today that it is your responsibility to take care of yourself mentally and physically and no one else can truly do this for you. Take care of your body, take care with your thoughts, open your mind to the concept that anything is possible and open your eyes to the beauty in the world around you. Feed your soul with joy and fill your heart with love then life will meet you where you are. The Angels are sending you an abundance of where you are, your order is placed through your feelings and focus, what will your abundance be today? Make sure it’s based in happiness. You are loved and you are blessed.