Corsets, chips and curry sauce!

Well this week has been a week full of life again starting with my youngest daughter catching chicken pox. For someone who is used to being on the go all the time, suddenly finding themselves housebound unexpectedly certainly came as a shock to the system but I also feel it created a pause, a time to reflect, a time make choices and a time to create. Oh, and time to sleep!!!!

So next week we will be announcing our new ‘programme’ and I am very excited about our new series of workshops so keep looking out for that announcement next week.

Find Your Diva is like a license to laugh for me. I never had so much fun ‘working’ and a large part of that is who I work with and the people I meet along the way whether working with women at a workshop, talking for charity or networking, people and the lives they live fascinate me and my greatest joy comes from seeing the light bulb moments and those who re-ignite the Diva in them and get things done!

Talking of getting things done, what have you achieved this week?

Anyway, I digress, this Wednesday was great as we joined forces with Best of Swindon, Holiday Inn, Lush Cosmetics and various other Swindon based companies to provide an evening of cocktails and cosmetics for the well deserving ladies of Swindon. On the way to this event we had the funniest moment when my Boutique partner Tiffany screamed her head off as she realised (picture the scene, she is in full corset, fishnets etc) she still had her bright pink crocs on !!! Love it!! Couldn’t pull out at the roundabout for laughing, caused a riot, but who cares we have fun everywhere we¬†go and needless to say Tiff’ has now lost her voice through screaming and laughing so much, and they call this work!

When I am out and about people often ask me if I have to watch my weight, limit my food etc, truth is no, I am however a believer in input versus output and I will let you into a little diva secret, it is tradition now to have chips and curry sauce on the way home from each event! So if you see a couple of ladies looking like they have just come from the Moulin Rouge, queing up in your local chippy say hello!

Have a fab’ weekend everyone and remember if you can’t be good, be fabulous!

Love and blessings

PS: If you are looking for something to do this weekend ladies we have a belly dancing class with a few places left at 10am in Bristol at the witches brew, drop me a line at if you would like to attend!