ANGEL MESSAGE FOR TODAY: Vision. SAMANTHA’S BIT: What you see is pretty much what will be. If you see these things as negative life will appear to only show you that. Have a positive vision today about the outcome and situation you are in and the journey will become much lighter. Hold on to positive thoughts and visions today. You are loved and you blessed.

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Into The Light.

ANGEL CARD FOR TODAY: Truth. SAM’S BIT: When the truth shines through the falseness that surrounds you, there will always be those that are not happy it has happened. The angels are shining the light of truth into the situations around you as the darkness falls away. Don’t give in? Don’t fall Into the shadows now. Focus on the light, the joy, the happiness and accept the truth to empower you to walk forwards now. You are loved and you blessed.©
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ANGEL CARD FOR TODAY: Pray. SAM’S BIT: Sometimes when we feel back against a wall in life, when we feel in despair, confused or lost we forget to ask for help, we forget to pray. When did you last pray? Today choose not to face these things alone instead choose to pray. Love and blessings x

Enjoy the full moon energy later. A moon full of positivity and change. Are you ready?

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