Sisters are Doing It for Themselves!

This week, here at Diva HQ, it has been a busy but fab’ one with so many great opportunties being presented to ‘do my thing’.

Though I must confess, am aching as I write due to hours of practicing a new burlesque routine and training my lovely team – ouch!

Attended the ‘rich dad, poor dad’ seminar this week, one of my favourite authors, it was two hours well spent!

Have also launched this summers free talk scheme. So I am set to spend the summer travelling around the UK providing talks for women on how to be their truest self. Can’t wait!! And with all the entrance fees going to various local charites I am delighted to get the chance to do some good too!

Now if I could just stop singing ‘sisters are doing it for themselves!!’

Samantha - The Diva