ANGEL MESSAGE FOR TODAY: Be positive about this change.
SAMANTHA’S BIT: Life may be hectic at the moment with everything that you are juggling whilst trying to achieve that something that matters to you. Don’t give up but also don’t give in to the feeling of being out of balance. Bring fun into your day, bring love into your day and regain the balance life requires in order for you to truly feel successful. Work hard, play hard. You are loved and you are blessed.

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ANGEL CARD FOR TODAY: Opportunities are coming. The Angels are encouraging you to go for it. SAMANTHA’S BIT: A time of happiness and joy is coming though the taking of opportunities. The Angels are excited about what could be and they encourage you to start that business, start that relationship, follow that dream. Whatever you have been putting off, know that now is a time of action. You are loved and you are blessed. #psychicdiva

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Don’t Give Up!

ANGEL CARD FOR TODAY: Don’t give up! SAMANTHA’S BIT: Don’t give up and don’t give in. This is temporary and it is your persistence that will win the day. As you look at this situation it may not be how you thought it was going to be, the evidence that you desire may not be there yet but the Angels ensure you that you are making progress, the journey does get easier and the end, the new chapter is almost upon us. You are always strong enough. Don’t give up! You are loved and you are blessed. #psychicdiva

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You Are Beautiful.

ANGEL CARD FOR TODAY: You are beautiful. SAMANTHA’S BIT: The Angels do not listen to the voice in your mind that puts you down, they do not listen to the voices of those around you who do not appreciate you for you are beautiful and you are loved. Isn’t it time you loved yourself just as the Angels do by making better choices, doing things that match your values and morals and enjoying the activities that bring you joy.
Today choose you, choose love. You are loved and you are blessed.

Cameras, corsets and giggles!

Well this week has been great fun and excitement with the release of our new trailer for Find Your Diva, We created this project with Firebird Films as a way of giving women an inside look into what goes on at our workshops. If you haven’t already seen it please take a look, its great:

We had so much fun making it and with a photoshoot afterwards it was a very busy day but in the end it was worth it!

Its official, I have been branded! I am the face of Diva!

One of my simplest but favourite quotes is by Les brown and it is simply
‘you have greatness in you’ but I think it is such a powerful quote. Sometimes life becomes so involved, so hectic, so going with everyone elses flow that we forget how great we are!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Love and blessings
Head Diva

A Diva’s Work is So Much Fun!

Samantha - The Diva

Yesterday was such a fun filled day that I wanted to share.

Networking is such fun and yesterday was no different, attending a Businesslink Workshop created the opportunity to meet such lovely people, all energised and enthusiastic about their businesses and the things they are trying to achieve. Meeting interesting people is so important!

Then after family life, emails and phone calls it was off down the motorway to Bristol (my second home!) to join Amy at Pomegranate for another female orientated event. Now when I originally got asked to work alongside a company that produces ‘organic sex toys’ I have to say I did have a vision of table tops covered in unusually shaped carrots and vegatables!!! Thankfully. although I will never be able to walk through the fruit and veg’ section without chuckling to myself again, I was wrong on this occassion and in fact it is a rage of environmentally and chemical free sex toys!! How fab’!

So after strutting my stuff and explaining how I see my role as one to show women that by becoming the women they are they take back their power and re-balance life, I headed off back down the motorway singing my heart out to Pixxie Lott. What a great day!