Move Forward

ANGEL CARD FOR THE WEEKEND: Walk forward and allow life to flow.
SAMANTHA’S BIT: Life is ever changing, ever moving because like the cells in our body and the seasons of nature, there is always room for change and growth and in all of this there is beauty to be found. Our greatest challenge in life, I feel, is to get out of our own way. To stop blocking our own flow through our resistance to change, our insistence to be in control and our inability to let go even when we know it isn’t right just because we fear appearing to have failed. This weekend give yourself the gift of letting go, of walking forward seeing life as an adventure not a challenge and spread a little love along the way. You are loved and you are blessed.

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Honesty by Samantha

ANGEL CARD FOR TODAY: Honesty. SAMANTHA’S BIT: When we are being honest and living in our truth, we are living authentic lives and that in itself is powerful. It allows you to stand strong in who you are. The Angels are encouraging you to do just that, to stand, head held high and proud of who you are and the things that you are doing. You are loved and you are blessed.

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Today It’s About You

ANGEL CARD FOR TODAY: Look after yourself today. SAMANTHA’S BIT: Look after yourself today, in your choices, actions and thoughts. The Angels walk beside you but you too must do you your bit. You must choose to be well and only you know what needs to be done to feel well at this time. Follow your own inner guidance, do what feels right and feel no shame in putting yourself first today. You are loved and you are blessed. Samantha #psychicdiva

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It’s Time.

ANGEL CARD FOR THE WEEKEND: It’s time to draw a line on this situation, let the angels help you. SAM’S BIT: Isn’t it time you drew a line on it so you can walk forwards into the life you truly want. Sometimes it is only the past that holds us back and that desire for everything to have a happy ending, to prove to the world that our choice was right or to not feel we have made a bad choice but sometimes the only way to have the happy ending is by drawing a line on it, forgiving yourself for your part, recognising what the experience has taught you and walking away. Your life is isn’t about good decisions or bad decisions it’s about moments, moments and memories. Choose to experience more loving moments so your memories are not filled with regret. Love and blessings x

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Willing to forgive?

ANGEL CARD FOR TODAY: Be willing to forgive. SAM’S BIT: The journey is over. Now it is time to forgive yourself and those involved so that you may be free to feel peace again. Only forgiveness sets us free. Free to make future choices and decisions without the influence of our past experiences. Be willing to forgive today so you may feel at peace again with the choices you have made. Love and blessings x @theheaddiva.

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Forgive me

This week I have truly been reminded of how precious life is from a friend facing being paralysed to another friend losing a baby girl, life has reminding me the importance of living, of caring, of sharing, of forgiving for we can never get these moments back. Love and blessings x