Angel card for today: Feel the angels around you as they bring balance to your emotions and your life. SAM’S BIT: The Angels are always with us, guiding us, nudging us, showing us the way. They speak to us through our emotions. Now there is a need to do what is necessary to bring balance back into your life and to bring balance back in to your emotions so that the Angels can connect with you again. Today allow the Angels to draw closer by taking care of YOU. Love and blessings x #psychicdiva

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Just Let It Go.

ANGEL CARD FOR THE WEEKEND: It is time to gently let go of what holds you back now, allow the angels to help you in the process. Ask for their help. SAM’S BIT: There is no need for drama, no need for upset but there is a need to be free of what plays on your mind and holds you back from embracing life. Whether situations, thoughts, worries or fears, this weekend give yourself and break and let go. Instead spend the weekend in the energy of joy and love and feel yourself re-energise in the process.
Love and blessings x


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