Don’t Give Up!

ANGEL CARD FOR TODAY: Don’t give up! SAMANTHA’S BIT: Don’t give up and don’t give in. This is temporary and it is your persistence that will win the day. As you look at this situation it may not be how you thought it was going to be, the evidence that you desire may not be there yet but the Angels ensure you that you are making progress, the journey does get easier and the end, the new chapter is almost upon us. You are always strong enough. Don’t give up! You are loved and you are blessed. #psychicdiva

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ANGEL CARD FOR TODAY: Be at peace. SAMANTHA’S BIT: We say we want world peace yet choose to fight to achieve it. Peace begins within us, individually, each and every one of us, not around us and it it is only by maintaining inner peace, even when your life is in chaos, that real peace can be achieved. No matter what you see today, breathe in the peacefulness that remains within you. Be at one with your soul as you feel the stillness that lies within peace. You are loved and you are blessed.

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Signs From Above by Samantha

ANGEL CARD FOR TODAY: Look fora sign today. SAMANTHA’S BIT: The Angels are with you today, supporting you every step of the way, lining your path with signs and signals. Be observant today. Allow yourself to be guided by being open to the possibility that you are not alone. You are loved and you are blessed.

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Let It Go. By Samantha

ANGEL MESSAGE FOR TODAY: Let it go. SAM’S BIT: Whatever has gone on, whatever has been before and did not work, let it go. There is nothing more to learn. Nothing more to see. No no need to think through it over and over. Let it go. Free your mind of what didn’t work so you focus on what could work. Let your mind wander to what lies before you, not behind you. You are loved and you are blessed. Samantha. #psychicdiva

Your Future is Bright

ANGEL CARD FOR TODAY: Let the Angels lift your vision high enough to see the wonderful future that lies ahead. SAM’S BIT: When we take time to meditate, to sit, to be still, to dream we can be shown what we need to see. Today the Angels are asking to look ahead and see the brighter future that awaits you. Dare to have that vision today. Dare to believe that anything is possible and feel the excitement of what could be. You are loved and you are blessed. ©

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Persist with Love.

ANGEL CARD FOR TODAY: Persist in what you love. SAM’S BIT: Let the Angels help you fall back in love with the people and things you love. For when you are in the energy of love the world becomes a better place. Don’t give up on what and who you love today, instead ask the Angels for the strength to continue.
Love and blessings

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Love Conquers All.

ANGEL CARD FOR THE WEEKEND: Love can conquer all, especially when the angels love is with you. SAM’S BIT: isn’t it time you had faith and let love lead the way? After all it’s the strongest energy within us. The angels are sending their love to you and the situations you are in, knowing that when love is applied all will be well. Love can move mountains. Kindness can touch hearts. A smile can brighten any day. Do things with love this weekend and love the things you do. Love and blessings x #theheaddiva

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Be positive

ANGEL CARD FOR TODAY: Be positive, it can move mountains. SAM’S BIT: Being positive in your thoughts is one of the most powerful things you can do. It can transform any situation into a positive experience. Today don’t waste your energy being negative, don’t think about negative situations past or present. Instead focus on what feels good in your life and being positive in your mind about life. Try it. You have everything to gain so what have you got to lose? Love and blessings x

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Think Big.

ANGEL CARD FOR TODAY: New horizons await, think big. SAM’S BIT: The world is full of everything you long for. Whether precious moments, success, experiences, happiness or love, all the angels ask is that you think big. You dare to dream, to visualise that all these things could be yours. What we think we create, think bigger thoughts today. Don’t settle for a life less than your heart desires. Love and blessings x

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ANGEL MESSAGE FOR THE WEEKEND: Manifest with love. SAM’S BIT: When you are speaking, thinking and acting through love, you are more powerful than you may ever realise. Choose where that energy goes this weekend, choose to create with love. Let go of the things you desire through poor thinking and intention and seek only to be in a place of love for yourself, this life and others. It’s time to create something worth having. Love and blessings x #psychicdiva

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