Today It’s About You

ANGEL CARD FOR TODAY: Look after yourself today. SAMANTHA’S BIT: Look after yourself today, in your choices, actions and thoughts. The Angels walk beside you but you too must do you your bit. You must choose to be well and only you know what needs to be done to feel well at this time. Follow your own inner guidance, do what feels right and feel no shame in putting yourself first today. You are loved and you are blessed. Samantha #psychicdiva

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Time to Heal

ANGEL CARD FOR TODAY: The Angels are healing you. SAM’S BIT: If you are feeling hurt, angry, upset, frustrated, let down or lost, the angels are healing you. Assist them in the process by letting go. Let go of what inflicts you, let go of the thoughts that hold you back and breathe in the peacefulness and healing of the Angels. Life is short, live it. You are loved and you are blessed.©

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Be positive

ANGEL CARD FOR TODAY: Be positive, it can move mountains. SAM’S BIT: Being positive in your thoughts is one of the most powerful things you can do. It can transform any situation into a positive experience. Today don’t waste your energy being negative, don’t think about negative situations past or present. Instead focus on what feels good in your life and being positive in your mind about life. Try it. You have everything to gain so what have you got to lose? Love and blessings x

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The Winds of a Change

ANGEL CARD FOR TODAY: The angels are gently blowing in the winds of change around you. SAM’S BIT: Can you feel it? Can you feel that a change is upon you? Trust that it is a good change and give your challenges to the Angels today and every day that follows. Love and blessings x

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ANGEL CARD FOR TODAY: The Angels are helping you speak your truth. SAM’S BIT: To live in the here and now, not yesterday or tomorrow is the most important thing but equally we must live in our truth. The truth of who we are, out thoughts and feelings. Today start by being truthful in your own thoughts, no lies, no illusion instead be empowered by the truth today. Love and blessings x #psychicdiva

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Be powerful today.

ANGEL CARD FOR TODAY: it is safe to be powerful in positive ways. SAMS BIT: today know that it is safe for you to take charge of your life in powerful but positive ways. Be the beacon of light that attracts good things in your world today. You are safe. You are powerful. Love and blessings x

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Are you worrying?

ANGEL CARD FOR TODAY: Stop worrying, you have a bright future. SAMS BIT: Why are you worrying? Does it make you feel in control or does it make you feel less then? Worrying has never changed a thing in the history man but it will rob of the joy today has to offer you. Everything is going to be good, focus on that today. Love and blessings #psychicdiva

Safe journey.

ANGEL CARD FOR TODAY: Safe travel. SAMS BIT: Life is not about where we end up but more about how we handle and develop through the journey we walk through on our way. Without trials and struggles we would be unable to develop strength, without heartache we would not know what real love is, without sadness we would value laughter. Travel your journey today safe in the knowledge that everything is going to plan. Love and blessings #psychicdiva


ANGEL CARD FOR THE WEEKEND: Give your struggles to the Angels. SAMS BIT: Faith eventually requires us to give our pain, our struggles, our fears to the Angels for them do as needs be done. Let go of what troubles you this weekend and let the Angels work their magic. Love and blessings x @theheaddiva

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