Love Again So That You May Live Again.

ANGEL MESSAGE FOR TODAY: Let the Angels show you how to love again. SAM’S BIT: Feeling disconnected or alone? It may be that you need to get back into the energy of love again, whether it comes through loving the work you do, a loved one, a pet, your children, your home, yourself or life in general. What matters is the reconnection with this powerful creative energy so it can pull you forward to better days. Choose your own happiness today. You are loved and you are blessed.
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Life is for Living.

ANGEL CARD FOR TODAY: You are simply here to enjoy life. SAM’S BIT: The real purpose of your existence was to descend to this Earth and enjoy the life you are living. To experience what it means to be alive. Not to live in fear creating challenges and difficulties around you. Remember it’s about enjoying it. Feeling out of alignment? Take time today to enjoy life, create happiness, experience love and laugh loud. Life is for living. Love and blessings x

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Be Passionate.

ANGEL CARD FOR TODAY: the angels are encouraging you to be passionate in your actions today. SAMS BIT: The energy of passion is a powerful force, one filled with positivity. Today do something you are passionate about. Speak with passion, act with passion. Let your soul feel the vibrancy of this powerful energy. Love and blessings x

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