Let The Angels Deal with It

ANGEL CARD FOR TODAY: Slow down. SAM’S BIT: Now is the time to slow down and let the Angels do their work. No need to act, no need to push or pull on the dramas of life, simply a need to just be and hand this over to the Angels for they have all the time in the world. Whether it is pain, anger, jealousy or resentment that you find yourself in, know that it does not belong in your world. The Angels are dealing with it so you don’t have to. Love will take you beyond this point of suffering. Love will light the way. You are loved and you are blessed. ©
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Angel card for today: Feel the angels around you as they bring balance to your emotions and your life. SAM’S BIT: The Angels are always with us, guiding us, nudging us, showing us the way. They speak to us through our emotions. Now there is a need to do what is necessary to bring balance back into your life and to bring balance back in to your emotions so that the Angels can connect with you again. Today allow the Angels to draw closer by taking care of YOU. Love and blessings x #psychicdiva

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ANGEL MESSAGE FOR THE WEEKEND: Manifest with love. SAM’S BIT: When you are speaking, thinking and acting through love, you are more powerful than you may ever realise. Choose where that energy goes this weekend, choose to create with love. Let go of the things you desire through poor thinking and intention and seek only to be in a place of love for yourself, this life and others. It’s time to create something worth having. Love and blessings x #psychicdiva

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