A Time to Pause, A Time to Be Brave

ANGEL CARD FOR TODAY: Two cards leapt today: Pause and Be Brave. SAM’S BIT: Today honour yourself by taking a pause, stop, take a deep breath, breath in the energies of the Angels beside you, connect with your truest self and feel what is the right thing to do now and then be brave. Be brave enough to act on that feeling, brave enough to do the steps that need to be done and be brave enough to know what is right for YOU. You are doing so well in this journey, have you worked that out yet? You are loved and you are blessed. ©

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Be Optimistic.

ANGEL CARD FOR TODAY: Be optimistic, it changes everything. SAM’S BIT: When we are optimistic, when we view things positively, life gives us positive results. Feeling low? Put on those Rose tinted glasses, smile anyway, let life know you will not give up. Love and blessings x #psychicdiva

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The Winds of a Change

ANGEL CARD FOR TODAY: The angels are gently blowing in the winds of change around you. SAM’S BIT: Can you feel it? Can you feel that a change is upon you? Trust that it is a good change and give your challenges to the Angels today and every day that follows. Love and blessings x

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Past life.

ANGEL CARD FOR TODAY: Past life issue. SAMS BIT: Sometimes the problem is not what is happening today but what has happened in your past. It is easier to hold on to the suffering of yesterday’s believing it shields us from further harm. Today let it go. Stop carrying the burden of yesterday and fill your heart with the joy of today. Love and blessings. X #psychicdiva http://www.needapsychic.co.uk


ANGEL CARD FOR TODAY: Think positively today. SAM’S BIT: Whether you are thinking about money, work, love or home life be positive in your thinking for what you think you create. Today use the power of thought to bring in change. Love and blessings x wwww.needapsychic.co.uk