New Beginnings by Samantha

ANGEL MESSAGE FOR THE WEEKEND: The Angels are blessing with new beginnings and new life. SAM’S BIT: Can you feel it? Can you feel how the energies around you are changing bringing in positivity? That you are being encouraged to move forward now in a way that allows you to be who you truly are and do the things that you were put here to do. Enjoy the moments of this weekend and take the opportunity to experience more joy, more love, more happiness that is presented to you. All is well in your world. You are loved and you are blessed. ©

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ANGEL CARD FOR TODAY: Things fall into place just at the right time, divine time. SAM’S BIT: Have you ever thought that everything is working to a divine plan and therefore everything is about timing? In our fast pace world we expect things to happen how and when WE think they should but in truth everything comes together just at the right time. Timing is everything. Recognise this today and let go of the need to feel in control by allow perfect timing to play out, whether a business deal, a house sale, a new job or a new relationship. It all falls into place in the end just as it is meant. Enjoy the freedom of knowing this today. You are loved and you are blessed. ©

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Everything begins with Love.

ANGEL CARD FOR TODAY: It’s time to love again. Let the Angels guide you to open up to love. SAM’S BIT: We were put here to love, to feel joy not to feel hate and hurt. To be at our best, to be in flow we must be in the energy of love. Whether loving another, a pet, friends, home life or something we do, do it with all your heart so that love may enter. It’s time to be thankful for the gift of love, however it appears. Love and blessings x #psychicdiva

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Be Passionate.

ANGEL CARD FOR TODAY: the angels are encouraging you to be passionate in your actions today. SAMS BIT: The energy of passion is a powerful force, one filled with positivity. Today do something you are passionate about. Speak with passion, act with passion. Let your soul feel the vibrancy of this powerful energy. Love and blessings x

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Your Answers are Within

ANGEL MESSAGE FOR TODAY: Your answer is within you. SAM’S BIT: You do know the answer, it is buried deep within your heart and soul. Open up your heart and breathe deeply to connect with your soul today. Trust what you feel and know that your answer will come. It’s time to navigate your own ship. Love and blessings x #psychicdiva

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Shall We Begin?

ANGEL MESSAGE FOR TODAY: Shall we begin? SAMS BIT: Are you ready now? Today is a new day, a new beginning and a fresh start. Are you ready to begin the journey of walking forwards into better days now you have shaken off the energies of yesterday’s? Enjoy the journey and let your journey bring you joy today. Love and blessings x

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Begin Again.

As I lie here, drifting in the thoughts of the insomniac I seem to have become, my mind reminds me of all the hard moments in people’s lives, the people I have met this month, this week, this day. No matter how beautiful the souls of people are they will always have pockets of upset, pain and suffering. Pockets of stress, pockets of anxiety. It is simply the cycles of life and through these moments our deepest understanding of ourselves and life comes to us. Of course, only if we choose to see the learning.

I have been reading for others, passing on the messages of spirit and angels, healing hearts, calming minds and reminding people to breathe for 14 years now. It has taught me many fabulous things and it has also shown me the power of not judging others. No matter how ‘dark’ a person may seem, if we cannot see beyond their crime how can we possibly cast light?

There are, in my opinion, only two real emotions or energies in this world, love and fear and sometimes even love can bring it’s own fear. When we choose to sit in the energy of love and create the life we desire it is a loving experience to do so, even through the ups and downs but when we are creating from a place of fear, fear of never being loved, never having enough, never making it then we create a tougher journey.

In every moment we have the chance to begin again. At any moment we can choose to take a fresh step and have a new thought, we can choose to love the journey.

Today, make sure you begin again.

Love and blessings

To love again.

ANGEL CARD FOR TODAY: isn’t it time you loved again? SAM’S BIT: when did you last feel love in your heart? Do you see the world through loving eyes? Do you feel connected to your life through the love you have for it and within it? Let the Angels open your heart to love today, whether it’s through a relationship, an activity or connecting with friends. Let your heart open today and be the love this world need. Love and blessings x #psychicdiva

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Christmas Eve Angel Message

CHRISTMAS EVE ANGEL MESSAGE: release the pressure in your world. You were not put here to do it all and be it all, you are simply meant to be you, the real you and the very best of who you are. To enjoy life as you, to share happiness and love without fear. Let that be your gift to the world now for to be YOU is to serve your purpose. Love and blessings x


ANGEL MESSAGE FOR TODAY: Today is a new day. SAM’S BIT: Everyday we are given a new beginning, we have a chance to start over. Leave yesterday behind and choose for today to be a better day, a more positive day, a productive and uplifting one. Let go of past disappointments and negative thoughts. Embrace this new day. Love and blessings x

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