A New Joy Comes Now.

ANGEL CARD FOR TODAY: The Angels are excited for you, the energy of joy is on it’s way to you. SAM’S BIT: When we are feeling stuck we must focus on what could be and what we desire to be so that the Angels are given space and time to assist you in receiving that which you desire. Have faith and get excited about the life that lies ahead now. Love and blessings x

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Be Optimistic.

ANGEL CARD FOR TODAY: Be optimistic today, it’s how you see things that makes the difference. SAM’S BIT: Sometimes we need to put the Rose tinted glasses on and expect greatness. When we change our outlook we change how we react to the situations we face, we become a formidable force and nothing can bring us down when we are riding high on the energy if positive thinking and positive expectations. Be optimistic today, secure a better future through your thoughts and attitude today. Love and blessings x

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ANGEL CARD FOR TODAY: The angels are so happy for you, they are sending you,blessings today. SAM’S BIT: Life can be so great when you get out of the way and allow it to be. When we are loving life, those within it and the things that we do, the Angels can draw ever closer allowing us to feel their presence and receive the blessings they wish for us. Give thanks today for all that you have and all that you are. Today is a great day. Love and blessings x #psychicdiva follow Samantha on twitter @theheaddiva

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Be positive

ANGEL CARD FOR TODAY: Be positive, it can move mountains. SAM’S BIT: Being positive in your thoughts is one of the most powerful things you can do. It can transform any situation into a positive experience. Today don’t waste your energy being negative, don’t think about negative situations past or present. Instead focus on what feels good in your life and being positive in your mind about life. Try it. You have everything to gain so what have you got to lose? Love and blessings x

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Time for You.

ANGEL CARD FOR TODAY: The Angels are encouraging you to take care of YOU. SAM’S BIT: When we are feeling, low, tired, restless or unhappy it is because we have somehow forgotten to take care of ourselves. Whether mentally, physically or emotionally make sure today you give time and energy just to you. Sleep, eat healthy, walk in the fresh air, dance, sing, laugh, pamper yourself, forgive yourself, do whatever it takes to feel energised and uplifted again today. Today come first on that list. Love and blessings x @psychicdiva.

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Time to Begin

ANGEL CARD FOR TODAY: The angels are bringing you new energy and new beginnings. SAM’S BIT: the thinking, debating and choosing is over. In the end we have to choose to move forward, to begin again, to take a new path, to start the next cycle of our journey. What do you feel drawn to start today? Do what makes you feel energised. Love and blessings x @psychicdiva

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Willing to forgive?

ANGEL CARD FOR TODAY: Be willing to forgive. SAM’S BIT: The journey is over. Now it is time to forgive yourself and those involved so that you may be free to feel peace again. Only forgiveness sets us free. Free to make future choices and decisions without the influence of our past experiences. Be willing to forgive today so you may feel at peace again with the choices you have made. Love and blessings x @theheaddiva.

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You Are Beautiful, Have You Forgotten?

ANGEL CARD FOR TODAY: The Angels know you are beautiful, isn’t it time you did too? Love yourself as they do. SAM’S BIT: Have you forgotten? Have you forgotten that beauty belongs to the soul and shines from within. That is what draws others close to you. Love yourself today through your thoughts and actions.Feel how beautiful you are and shine. Love and blessings x

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Sit and Wait A While.

ANGEL CARD FOR TODAY: Have patience, everything is going well. Sit and wait with the Angels a little while. SAM’S BIT: There is an expression ‘all in Gods time’, it may not be your time, your need to feel in control may give you the urge to push and pull this situation so it happens as and when you want it to but remember there is a season for everything. All in God’s time. Take a deep breathe today and relax and enjoy where you are. Love and blessings x

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Visualise Your Success

ANGEL CARD FOR THE WEEKEND: Visualise success. SAM’S BIT: When did you last see yourself as successful? This weekend see yourself how you wish to be, imagine and feel the joy of being where and how you wish yo be in this world. Open your heart to success, love, happiness, joy and let go of stress this weekend. Love and blessings x #psychicdiva

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