ANGEL MESSAGE FOR THE WEEKEND: Have confidence now as this new journey begins. SAM’S BIT: This weekend is about beginnings, new chapters, new emotions, new placed to be. Walk forward now with the confidence that you will know every step of the way what must be done. These last few weeks have cleared you of all that could only hinder you on the journey. That chapter is over. Now it is time to embrace the new journey and the new you. You blessed and you are loved. Samantha x

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Let Their Love Guide You.

ANGEL CARD FOR TODAY: With the love of the Angels you will get through this. SAM’S BIT: Lose yourself in the the love the angels have for you. Let it give you the strength to get through this, let it guide you to your better days. Ask for their help and breath in their love. Love and blessings x #psychicdiva

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ANGEL MESSAGE FOR TODAY: Karma comes. SAMS BIT: All that you do, all that you think and all that you say comes back to you. Let go of thoughts of those who have hurt you, in doing so you let karma step in. Instead focus your mind, your actions and your words on loving kindness today. Love and blessings x Find me on twitter @theheaddiva