In need of an Agony Aunt?

So thrilled to be the new Spiritual Agony Aunt

If you would like to ask for spiritual life guidance into a situation you are in, here’s all you have to do:

I provide life coaching from a spiritual perspective so let’s look at this from a different perspective and see if we can get life moving forward for you.

Send an email describing the situation that you are in and how you would like guidance in connection to it, whether it’s how to change it or how to change your outlook of it to the following address;


Should we choose to use your story the names involved and your identity will be hidden in the column, thank you. x

Be positive

ANGEL CARD FOR TODAY: Be positive, it can move mountains. SAM’S BIT: Being positive in your thoughts is one of the most powerful things you can do. It can transform any situation into a positive experience. Today don’t waste your energy being negative, don’t think about negative situations past or present. Instead focus on what feels good in your life and being positive in your mind about life. Try it. You have everything to gain so what have you got to lose? Love and blessings x

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You Matter.

ANGEL CARD FOR THE WEEKEND: Be good to yourself. SAM ‘S BIT: At times life is so hectic and filled with the needs of others that we forget to look after ourselves. This weekend make time for you, whether it’s to curl up with a book, some pampering, eating your favourite food, sleeping, laughing, going where YOU want to go, watching YOUR choice of movie, make time for you. Remind yourself that you matter even in the smallest moments. Love and blessings x

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