ANGEL CARD FOR TODAY: Gratitude. SAM’S BIT: Struggling? Why? Turn around and look again. Be grateful for the good stuff in your world, the love, the laughter, the happiness, friendships, experiences. Be grateful for it all for that is the one of the most powerful acts of kindness you can do unto yourself. Be grateful even for the struggles for they serve to show you something. There is no real struggle here, release by being grateful for what it has shone you today. You are loved and you are blessed. ©

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A Positive Outcome.

ANGEL CARD FOR TODAY: Expect a positive outcome, for the Angels are working with you today. SAM’S BIT: When we expect good things to happen and we absolutely believe we are worthy of our vision, the Angels have great joy in helping us. Hold on to your vision today of a positive outcome and know that joy lies ahead for you. Love and blessings x #psychicdiva

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Find Peace

ANGEL CARD FOR TODAY: Find peace through solitude today. SAM’S BIT: The Angels are able to be closer to us when we are alone, when we are sat in solitude. Enjoy the peace that can be found in those moments. Feel their presence and know that all is well in your world. Love and blessings x

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Happiness Is A Choice.

ANGEL CARD FOR TODAY: Happiness. The angels are bathing you in the energy of happiness. SAM’S BIT: Choose happiness today for it is a powerful, positive energy that can only create yet more joy. Don’t be afraid today, be confident, be happy and feel joy in the life you are living. Love and blessings x

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Make Time.

ANGEL CARD FOR TODAY: Make time for the Angels today. SAM’S BIT: It only takes a moment, to stop, close eyes, breathe deeply and feel the presence of angels. It only takes a second to give thanks for that white feather, Facebook post, quote or song on the radio that you know is a message from the Angels. Make time today to be thankful that you are never truly alone. Love and blessings x

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Visualise Your Success

ANGEL CARD FOR THE WEEKEND: Visualise success. SAM’S BIT: When did you last see yourself as successful? This weekend see yourself how you wish to be, imagine and feel the joy of being where and how you wish yo be in this world. Open your heart to success, love, happiness, joy and let go of stress this weekend. Love and blessings x #psychicdiva

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