ANGEL CARD FOR TODAY: Let the love of your friends heal you. SAM’S BIT: Love and laughter are powerful energies for they move us forward away from the negative situations in our world. Life may not be how you thought it would be, the one you thought was ‘it’ may have left you but it does not mean this is how your story ends. Change the next chapter, choose happiness, choose laughter, choose to heal, choose to let go and choose a new way today. You are loved and you are blessed.©
Samantha #psychicdiva
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ANGEL MESSAGE FOR THE WEEKEND: Choose Happiness. SAM’S BIT: Every day we have a choice that no one else can make for us. We choose how to feel and in doing do we choose how this day will be today, tomorrow and the days that follow. For how we feel sets the tone for what we create. This weekend be happy with all that you have and let that happiness create yet more happiness. You are loved and you are blessed.

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A Bigger Vision

ANGEL CARD FOR TODAY: It is time for a new vision. It’s time for a bigger vision. Don’t be afraid. SAM’S BIT: The energies are with us now to power up new visions, new beginnings. Hold on to that vision and don’t be afraid of the steps needed to achieve it. Just know that it will come. The angels are asking you to have a bigger dream, a bigger plan, a bigger vision and to feel excited about what is to come. You are loved and you are blessed.
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Life Rewards the Brave

ANGEL CARD FOR TODAY: Be brave. When the Angels see you keep trying and not give up, you will be rewarded. SAM’S BIT: Even the struggles serve purpose, they belong but they are temporary. If you are disgruntled and giving off the energy of defeat know that that is what you will receive, situations where life defeats you. When we persevere and don’t give up the Angels walk beside us nudging us into the right direction. Keep going today, achieve something beautiful. Don’t give up. You are loved and you are blessed.

The Angels want you to Take Charge Now

ANGEL CARD FOR TODAY: The Angels are asking you to take charge now. SAM’S BIT: Even when the angels are walking beside us there comes a point when we must act, make decisions, take action. Now is the time to take charge in a positive way. In a way that means you can walk forwards now. Feel powerful today. Love and blessings x #theheaddiva

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Heart Energy.

Angel Card for Today: Do what is in your heart. Samantha’s bit: Today, follow your heart especially where your dreams are concerned for it is through the energy of the heart your Angels reside and communicate with you. #psychicdiva

Rejoice don’t dwell.

ANGEL MESSAGE FOR TODAY: Rejoice in what is good in your world. SAM’S BIT: Two cards leapt today so here is my blended message: Don’t spend today analysing all that has gone on instead focus on what is good. Sometimes we are not meant to know the reasons why but simply to see the contrast of what what we do and what we don’t want in our lives. Focus on the good, enjoy positive moments and know that your heart is pulling more great days ahead of you. Love and blessings x

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ANGEL MESSAGE FOR THE WEEKEND: Manifest with love. SAM’S BIT: When you are speaking, thinking and acting through love, you are more powerful than you may ever realise. Choose where that energy goes this weekend, choose to create with love. Let go of the things you desire through poor thinking and intention and seek only to be in a place of love for yourself, this life and others. It’s time to create something worth having. Love and blessings x #psychicdiva

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Your Answers are Within

ANGEL MESSAGE FOR TODAY: Your answer is within you. SAM’S BIT: You do know the answer, it is buried deep within your heart and soul. Open up your heart and breathe deeply to connect with your soul today. Trust what you feel and know that your answer will come. It’s time to navigate your own ship. Love and blessings x #psychicdiva

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Don’t Look Back

ANGEL MESSAGE FOR TODAY: In everyone’s life there comes a point when we must walk forwards and never look back. Never look back because when we are looking backwards and not forwards our fears can take hold of us and we start to repeat that which has already been. Walk forwards today with faith in your heart and never look back. Your future lies ahead of you now. Love and blessings x