Think Big.

ANGEL CARD FOR TODAY: New horizons await, think big. SAM’S BIT: The world is full of everything you long for. Whether precious moments, success, experiences, happiness or love, all the angels ask is that you think big. You dare to dream, to visualise that all these things could be yours. What we think we create, think bigger thoughts today. Don’t settle for a life less than your heart desires. Love and blessings x

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ANGEL MESSAGE FOR TODAY: Shine! shine from within. SAM’S BIT: When we are happy, when we are enjoying life and things we do within it, we shine and like a magnet we that attracts more happiness. Do things that make you shine today, be with those who seem to glow, be a beacon of light today and shine, life is good, if you let it be. Love and blessings x #psychicdiva

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ANGEL MESSAGE FOR THE WEEKEND: Choose happiness. SAMS BIT: Today is a good day, can you feel it? Choose to be happy, choose to feel well and choose to enjoy what life has to offer you this weekend. How you live and feel about life is your own choice in the end! Love and blessings x

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It is ok to love.

ANGEL CARD FOR TODAY: You are being protected, it is ok to love. SAMS BIT: your walls my be high, your heart sat behind armour but we all need to feel loved and to love another. Whether it is your partner, your children, your pet or the work that you do. Know that when you are in the energy of love you are protected by love. When we are in fear , life brings us what we fear. Love and blessings x

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Go with the Flow

ANGEL CARD FOR TODAY: Go with the flow. SAM’S BIT: Life is far easier when we join the glow, our flow, our creative flow and the flow of life that is intended in each moment. Live with flow rather than fight it today and see where the journey takes you. Love and blessings x #psychicdiva

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2013 is almost over!

The last day of 2013, the year that was! A year that dragged a lot of kicking and screaming through our biggest fears and challenges to remind us that we can survive these things. A year of connecting with our truest purpose. A year of endings and beginnings, heartache and love. A year that showed me that it is the energy of love that matters. That the most important thing is to build a life around doing things you love, being with those you love and treating others with loving kindness and I am grateful that life dragged me kicking and screaming into that realisation. 2014 for me will be a year of working hard and playing hard because when you love what you do it’s all fun! Happy New Year, may it be your best year yet. Love and blessings x


Easy Does It

ANGEL CARD FOR TODAY: Everything is occurring in perfect timing. SAMS BIT: Everything happens just as it is meant to be, just in perfect timing, there is no need to push and force things to happen in life instead put your energy into enjoying what you have and having faith that your time will come and then, then it will be time to act. Love and blessings x

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