You Are Beautiful.

ANGEL CARD FOR TODAY: You are beautiful. SAMANTHA’S BIT: The Angels do not listen to the voice in your mind that puts you down, they do not listen to the voices of those around you who do not appreciate you for you are beautiful and you are loved. Isn’t it time you loved yourself just as the Angels do by making better choices, doing things that match your values and morals and enjoying the activities that bring you joy.
Today choose you, choose love. You are loved and you are blessed.

Open Hearted.

ANGEL CARD FOR TODAY: Are you holding on too tight? SAMANTHA’S BIT: Have you looked at your relationships recently? Whether it’s your relationship with your friends, family, loved ones or even money there is a need to notice if you are living these connections with your heart open or your heart closed. When our heart is open so is our flow to more, to abundance, to happiness and to love. Choose today to be open hearted. You are loved and you are blessed.


ANGEL MESSAGE FOR TODAY: Listen to the Angels. SAMANTHA’S BIT: Are you listening? The angels are speaking to you constantly through the everything around you, whether a conversation you overhear in a supermarket, a white feather, the words on a sign, words of a song, synchronicities, feelings and symbolism, it’s all there and it’s all for you today. Take time today to acknowledge and smile as they reach out to you today. You are loved and you are blessed.

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Leap! By Samantha

ANGEL CARD FOR TODAY: Leap of faith. SAM’S BIT: Today the angels encourage you to take that risk, to have faith in your self and the universe in you ability to do what it is you really wish to do. Live through the heart and be who you truly are today. Take a risk. You are loved and you are blessed.
Samantha x

Keep Going.

ANGEL CARD FOR THE WEEKEND: Keep going, the struggles are nearly over. SAM’S BIT: Life often feels too challenging like we are losing our footing in an up hill struggle but these are the times when we must choose to keep going, even if by keeping going we must make a better choice. The angels are with you encouraging you to go on and they speak to you of choices through your heart. Do what in your heart feels right this weekend and keep going! Love and blessings x #psychicdiva #angels

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Will You Wait for Me?

Will You Wait for Me?

I don’t want to be with a man who says I’m hot,
I want to be with someone who thinks I’m beautiful.
I don’t want to be with a man who says I’m funny,
I want to be with a man who recognises the kindness in my heart.
I long to be held in my darkest moments,
Not held at arms length just in case.
I long to talk till the sun comes up
And the moon has faded into yesterday.
To sit in silence watching the ocean flow in and out,
Not sit forgotten by a man who wanders in and out.
To be in someone’s heart and mind even when I am away,
To know that what we have is growing day by day.
A connection, an understanding, a love,
That makes the journey worth that wait.


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ANGEL CARD FOR TODAY: Go with the flow today and feel the presence of angels. SAM’S BIT: Life is meant to flow and flow beautifully in the perfect direction, perfect for you. Even when we are in the energy of struggle we should let it flow not fight, push, pull or try to control instead let it flow so we find peace flowing back into our world. Go with the flow today, life has a better plan than you see right now. Love and blessings x @psychicdiva.

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Don’t Look Back

ANGEL CARD FOR TODAY: Don’t look back. SAMS BIT: There is nothing to be seen , nothing you can change, the past is what it is, the past. Let it go put your energy and attention into today, each and every day that follows now. Life is too short to waste it on yesterday. Love and blessings x #psychicdiva