ANGEL CARD FOR TODAY: Go with the flow today and feel the presence of angels. SAM’S BIT: Life is meant to flow and flow beautifully in the perfect direction, perfect for you. Even when we are in the energy of struggle we should let it flow not fight, push, pull or try to control instead let it flow so we find peace flowing back into our world. Go with the flow today, life has a better plan than you see right now. Love and blessings x @psychicdiva.

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Willing to forgive?

ANGEL CARD FOR TODAY: Be willing to forgive. SAM’S BIT: The journey is over. Now it is time to forgive yourself and those involved so that you may be free to feel peace again. Only forgiveness sets us free. Free to make future choices and decisions without the influence of our past experiences. Be willing to forgive today so you may feel at peace again with the choices you have made. Love and blessings x @theheaddiva.

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Learning experience.

ANGEL CARD FOR TODAY: Learning Experience. SAM’S BIT: When we walk through something that seems pointless, especially when we feel hurt or let down by it, put it down as experience, a learning experience. Lesson learnt and file it away. Don’t waste time and energy in the process of analysing and replaying in your mind that which is not that important. Let it go so you do not recreate it because you have focused your mind on it. You have seen what you needed to see now let go and step forward again. Love and blessings x

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ANGEL CARD FOR TODAY: Live in alignment. SAMS BIT: When we make sure our actions, words and thoughts are in alignment with our values and beliefs we lose that inner restlessness. We are that little bit more comfortable with life. Are you living in alignment today? Love and blessings x please follow me on twitter @theheaddiva


ANGEL CARD FOR TODAY: Integrity. Align your actions with your values. SAMS BIT: When we do things that go against our values, morals, beliefs we create a restlessness, an uncomfortability within and this in time reflects in our world, look again at what you are uncomfortable with in your world today and recognise why. Love and blessings x

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Heart Ache

my heart aches today as someone close has lost their beautiful daughter to cancer after such a long fight. so as a Mum here is my advice: if you have children love them, if you love them hug them and tell them they are loved everyday not because you are scared you too may lose them but because know you are blessed that you can. love and blessings x