All In Good Time

ANGEL CARD FOR TODAY: Trust in divine timing. SAM’S BIT: Everything will come together just at the right time, God’s time. Don’t allow impatience to push and shove for a faster result that takes you off path. Instead trust in divine timing that all will be well just as it should be. Timing is everything. Relax and let life come yo you today. You are loved and you are blessed.
Samantha x

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Smile, life is watching!

ANGEL CARD FOR TODAY: Smile and life will smile back at you. SAM’S BIT: Life is a mirror. When we are smiling life and those within it smile back at us. When we are miserable we migrate to people and situations that are miserable, when we are happy life delivers happier times. Today be conscious of your own energy, choose to smile, choose not to argue, choose not to moan and let life be that little bit lighter. Love and blessings Samantha x #psychicdiva #tarot #angels

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