ANGEL CARD FOR TODAY: Retreat. SAM’S BIT: Just because it is going on around you does not mean you must be involved. It is ok to pull back out of the drama, out of the situations and take time to be alone and regain your focus and inner peace. Our soul self needs us to retreat to re energise and to reconnect with the real us. Know today that it is ok to take time out just for you. It’s good for the soul. You are loved and you are blessed.
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Embrace Today.

ANGEL CARD FOR TODAY: a new day is here, don’t get lost in yesterday. SAM’S BIT: Every day is a chance to renew, to heal, to restart but we must let go of yesterday to truly achieve this. Today embrace all that is new and keep your mind out of your yesterday’s. Love and blessings. X

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Don’t Give Up.

ANGEL CARD FOR TODAY: Persist. SAM’S BIT: Carry on! Whatever it is you are trying to achieve right now, carry on. Don’t lose faith, don’t give up and don’t give in. The angels are lovingly helping you. Nudging you forward if you will only persist. Be determined today. Love and blessings x #psychicdiva

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ANGEL MESSAGE FOR TODAY: Your actions determine your world. SAM’S BIT: The actions you take today will impact not only your world but the worlds of those around. Be conscious in your choices today. Act in kindness, act in love and do what needs to be done. Every thing you do today matters, remember that. Love and blessings x #psychicdiva

Don’t Do It!

ANGEL MESSAGE FOR TODAY: Don’t do it! SAM’S BIT: You know that when you think about what’s happened it brings you down or makes you mad, you know that being around that person drains you. So don’t do it! Just for today avoid what you know does not lift you instead choice to be where you feel well. Love and blessings x


ANGEL CARD FOR TODAY: This is your destiny. Let us help you accept it. SAM’S BIT: Even when things are set in stone we still must accept them. We have to not let our ego, our fears, our worries and doubts from getting in the way of what is destined. Ask the Angels to help you today with achieving your destiny. Love and blessings x

Inner Wisdom

ANGEL CARD FOR TODAY: Trust your inner wisdom. SAM’S BIT: You have come to the point when you know what you need to do, but now what is asked of you is to trust your own inner wisdom and do what you need to do today. Don’t let your mind freeze you into the fear of acting, instead trust your inner wisdom and act now.

Look Deeper.

ANGEL CARD FOR TODAY: To understand look deeper. SAMS BIT: When we only seeing things at face value our understanding is limited. Step back from that situation today, look deeper to understand what is truly going on then it will all make sense. Then you will not what to do, if anything needs to be done. Love and blessings #psychicdiva