This Day (Address I channelled for Two Worlds Church 27th May)

We only ever have one day, this day. So do with it as you please but know that you will never get this day again. Don’t fill it with regrets. Don’t fill it with the worries of others. Fill it with the love that beats from your heart. A love that comes from deep within your soul.

Today you have nothing to prove and all you have to achieve is happiness. So feel it. Be it.

Have you stood strong in happiness today? Yes…. Then you have achieved.
Have you done something with love? Yes…. Then you have achieved.
Have you given with love today? Yes…. Then you have achieved.

Today is not about how much you have, it’s about how much happiness you feel in your heart. For without it we have nothing.

God sent us here to be beacons of light, of happiness, of love. Choose to be that which you are.

Love and blessings
Samantha x

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