ANGEL MESSAGE FOR TODAY: commitment. SAMANTHA’S BIT: Today the Angels ask you to show commitment, to be committed in your mind, your words and your actions, to the things you wish to do, who you wish to be, what you wish to experience in this world and most importantly to your self. For it is that commitment, that determination that will get you through the days when the light is dim and pull you forward into the brightest of days. You are loved and you are blessed.

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New Beginnings by Samantha

ANGEL MESSAGE FOR THE WEEKEND: The Angels are blessing with new beginnings and new life. SAM’S BIT: Can you feel it? Can you feel how the energies around you are changing bringing in positivity? That you are being encouraged to move forward now in a way that allows you to be who you truly are and do the things that you were put here to do. Enjoy the moments of this weekend and take the opportunity to experience more joy, more love, more happiness that is presented to you. All is well in your world. You are loved and you are blessed. ©

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A Bigger Vision

ANGEL CARD FOR TODAY: It is time for a new vision. It’s time for a bigger vision. Don’t be afraid. SAM’S BIT: The energies are with us now to power up new visions, new beginnings. Hold on to that vision and don’t be afraid of the steps needed to achieve it. Just know that it will come. The angels are asking you to have a bigger dream, a bigger plan, a bigger vision and to feel excited about what is to come. You are loved and you are blessed.
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Just Let It Go.

ANGEL CARD FOR THE WEEKEND: It is time to gently let go of what holds you back now, allow the angels to help you in the process. Ask for their help. SAM’S BIT: There is no need for drama, no need for upset but there is a need to be free of what plays on your mind and holds you back from embracing life. Whether situations, thoughts, worries or fears, this weekend give yourself and break and let go. Instead spend the weekend in the energy of joy and love and feel yourself re-energise in the process.
Love and blessings x


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You Are Worthy of Love

ANGEL CARD FOR THE WEEKEND: Be brave, open your heart to love now. SAM’S BIT: The Angels are surrounding you this weekend protecting you as you open your heart to the energy of love. Whether it is the love of a new person, a new role, loving life or loving yourself, let it in. Be brave enough to allow the energy of love to carry you forward. Own that energy, own that feeling and know you are worthy of a life that is filled with love. Love and blessings x

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Have confidence today.

ANGEL CARD FOR TODAY: Have confidence that you are safe as the angels walk beside you today. SAM’S BIT: Don’t allow the negativity that is around you to distract you from all that is good. Have confidence in who you are and what you are achieving in this life knowing you are supported every step of the way by the angels. Love and blessings x #psychicdiva

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Have faith and you will be rewarded.

ANGEL CARD FOR TODAY: Have faith and you will be rewarded. SAMS BIT: In order to succeed, no matter what area of life, we must have faith. Faith that somehow things will all come together beautifully just at the right moment, faith that we are gaining far more than it may feel we are losing and most of all faith in ourselves to see the journey through. Today stand strong in that faith. Love and blessings. X

Begin Again.

As I lie here, drifting in the thoughts of the insomniac I seem to have become, my mind reminds me of all the hard moments in people’s lives, the people I have met this month, this week, this day. No matter how beautiful the souls of people are they will always have pockets of upset, pain and suffering. Pockets of stress, pockets of anxiety. It is simply the cycles of life and through these moments our deepest understanding of ourselves and life comes to us. Of course, only if we choose to see the learning.

I have been reading for others, passing on the messages of spirit and angels, healing hearts, calming minds and reminding people to breathe for 14 years now. It has taught me many fabulous things and it has also shown me the power of not judging others. No matter how ‘dark’ a person may seem, if we cannot see beyond their crime how can we possibly cast light?

There are, in my opinion, only two real emotions or energies in this world, love and fear and sometimes even love can bring it’s own fear. When we choose to sit in the energy of love and create the life we desire it is a loving experience to do so, even through the ups and downs but when we are creating from a place of fear, fear of never being loved, never having enough, never making it then we create a tougher journey.

In every moment we have the chance to begin again. At any moment we can choose to take a fresh step and have a new thought, we can choose to love the journey.

Today, make sure you begin again.

Love and blessings

Endings and Beginnings

ANGEL CARD FOR TODAY: Endings and Beginnings. SAM’S BIT: Life moves in cycles and wherever there is a beginning required something must end. Whether it is a relationship, a role, a situation, an attitude or a belief. Know that even the ending has great purpose and embrace the beginning. Out with the old, in with the new. Love and blessings x #psychicdiva

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ANGEL CARD FOR TODAY: Small Steps. Every journey begins with small steps. SAMS BIT: Just because you aren’t making huge leaps forward right now does not mean you are stationary. Life is moving you forward step by step. Be happy and know that life is about the journey and every step no matter how small is as important as the first and the last. Love and blessings x #angels

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