Just Let It Go.

ANGEL CARD FOR THE WEEKEND: It is time to gently let go of what holds you back now, allow the angels to help you in the process. Ask for their help. SAM’S BIT: There is no need for drama, no need for upset but there is a need to be free of what plays on your mind and holds you back from embracing life. Whether situations, thoughts, worries or fears, this weekend give yourself and break and let go. Instead spend the weekend in the energy of joy and love and feel yourself re-energise in the process.
Love and blessings x


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ANGEL CARD FOR THE WEEKEND: Give your struggles to the Angels. SAMS BIT: Faith eventually requires us to give our pain, our struggles, our fears to the Angels for them do as needs be done. Let go of what troubles you this weekend and let the Angels work their magic. Love and blessings x @theheaddiva

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There is Purpose in Madness

ANGEL CARD FOR TODAY: See the light in everyone. SAMS BIT: When you look at others today, understand that they are on their own path, there are experiences they must walk through for their own purpose, their own growth. Understand that even the pointless may serve a purpose! Let it go and focus on your path and purpose today. Love and blessings x

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Love this Weekend – An Angel Message

ANGEL CARD FOR THE WEEKEND: only love will set you free. SAMS BIT: when our thoughts or actions no longer come from a loving place we become stuck, trapped and deeply unhappy. When we let love in whether by loving another, thinking and acting in love or loving what we do our world becomes more loving also. Love and blessings x



ANGEL CARD FOR TODAY: Integrity. Align your actions with your values. SAMS BIT: When we do things that go against our values, morals, beliefs we create a restlessness, an uncomfortability within and this in time reflects in our world, look again at what you are uncomfortable with in your world today and recognise why. Love and blessings x

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