Words Are Powerful.

ANGEL CARD FOR TODAY: Be careful with your words. SAM’S BIT: What if we told you that everything you say comes back to you? That the words you speak about others brings that discord into your own world somehow. Be careful today how you speak to others for your words have the power to impact not only their life but yours. Speak in kindness. Speak in love. You are loved and you are blessed. ©

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Cut The Cords.

ANGEL CARD FOR TODAY: Cut The Cords. SAMS BIT: If it hurts don’t do it! If they’re not good for you, let go. Sometimes we have to love ourselves enough to let go of people, people in the present and people in the past who we allow to still have a negative hold on us. You are not your past, let it go and breathe freely once more. Love and blessings x

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ANGEL CARD FOR TODAY: Integrity. Align your actions with your values. SAMS BIT: When we do things that go against our values, morals, beliefs we create a restlessness, an uncomfortability within and this in time reflects in our world, look again at what you are uncomfortable with in your world today and recognise why. Love and blessings x

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